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Microsoft wants Yahoo : Google – What you gonna do?

By on Feb 1, 2008 | 0 comments

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As this report from Bloomberg says, the world’s biggest software maker – Microsoft is all set to buy the world’s biggest Internet property – Yahoo!. Steve Ballmer – Microsoft’s CEO is now attempting world’s biggest technology take over. Now that I’ve decided to talk about this news on Superblog, you might want to think how important is this deal to the internet users and Yahoo’s shareholders.

First of all, it seems to me that Yahoo! Inc. isn’t doing very well financially. They decided to cut nearly 1000 jobs to save the costs (what else could be the other reason?).  For Microsoft, with its infinite cash obtained by selling Windows,  this is a wonderful opportunity. For Microsoft (& Yahoo too) haven’t been able to kick Goog’s a$$ in the Internet search business. Even the traffic statistics for this blog show that over 70% referrals are through Google and rest are by Yahoo, MSN, ASK and others combined. That’s a huge difference.

Secondly, Google beats everyone else in Internet Advertising business. Adsense is far ahead of Yahoo’s YPN (which is, for some damn reason, available only to publishers from US) and other similar ad-networks. Microsoft wanted to launch ContentAds, but no one knows when will they release it. In short, Google left no choice to Microsoft and Yahoo to join hands together to remain alive in the Internet search & advertising world.

I believe Yahoo will allow itself to be acquired by Microsoft. They aren’t an innovative company anymore as they used to be. Microsoft seriously needs some space in search engine, so acquiring Yahoo makes some sense to them. However, someone’s gotta stop Google from monopolizing the Internet. I hope Microsoft will do it.

In the end, all I want is to have better rankings for my pages :mrgreen: , a good traffic from Microsoft+Yahoo’s websites and YPN to be made available to international users.

Otherwise I don’t mind Microsoft paying $44.6 billion to buy Yahoo.

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