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Can entrepreneurship be taught in classroom?

By on Feb 13, 2008 | 1 comment

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My sister attended “Entrepreneurship Development Workshop” and she briefed me about it. The workshop had a series of lectures; one by a real life entrepreneur & others by college professors. I’ve been thinking if entrepreneurship can really be taught in classroom?

I don’t know the answer. But my common-sense filled brain tells me – “No”. But even India’s leading management institutes have come up with entrepreneurship development programs. Maybe you can talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and qualities / personality required to be an entrepreneur. But its never enough. Unless you take a plunge, you will never understand if it is really for you.

At a local book shop, I spotted few guys asking for a book on “Public Speaking”. I had asked one of them, do you think you’ll learn the art of public speaking by reading this book? “I’m not sure, boss. Our professor recommended this book…”, he had replied. You can read and learn what to do when you’ve to deliver a speech in front of people, but the truth is that when you go on stage, you forget everything. No fundamentals of ‘public speaking’ come to your rescue. You’re there, helpless, trying to look beyond the the farthest person in the audience.

Similar is the case with entrepreneurship. There will be tons of speakers, who have never had enough guts to start their own venture, and yet talk about four “Ws” (What, When, Where, Why) of entrepreneurship. This doesn’t make any sense. In my opinion, you need to develop an ‘entrepreneur’s attitude’, to be an entrepreneur. This attitude either comes by observing other entrepreneurs & by reading.

In the end, one must understand that the world of entrepreneurship is not as rosy as it looks. Yes, its filled with fun, success & of course, failures.  Read autobiographies of people who’ve been there, done that. You’ll learn a lot.

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  1. Prasad

    February 14, 2008

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    I agree. There is a vast difference between theory and practice. Between reading about entrepreneurship, writing about it and taking the plunge. You can never know the giddy effect it has on you without actually doing so.

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