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Xobni – doesn’t impress me.

By on Feb 16, 2008 | 0 comments

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The world is going ga-ga over the email once again. Ever since javascript & AJAX started powering the web pages, there’s been a flood of companies wanting to do something ‘new’ to the rich internet applications. Xobni - its inbox reversedGoogle launched its Gmail, Zimbra came up with Zimbra Collaboration Suite and others are following the trend. Yahoo too, launched its AJAX powered webmail few days ago. While the world moves from desktop applications to rich internet applications, there are still few companies that believe in the power of desktop applications. Xobni (its Inbox reversed!) is one of them, in my opinion.

Take a look at Xobni’s demo video –

No doubt Xobni has introduced a good set of features. However, how often and how many of us are really going to need them? Let’s take the ‘extracting phone numbers from emails’ feature. Let’s say I mention my friend’s phone number in my email. I doubt if Xobni is smart enough link it to the Xobni profile of my friend. I’m thinking if this is really going to work.

But I do wish them all the best. I hope that the company does fine and brings us some innovative product.

The Big K

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