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FairGlow, TataSky, Harpic & I

By on Feb 21, 2008 | 0 comments

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Okay, let me crack the news to you –

We bought a new High Definition Television – HTDV! 😀 @ home. Its a big LCD screen which shows pretty colors for few (well, ‘few’) thousand bucks. I admit, I spend at least 30 minutes everyday watching it. Not that I like the TV programs, but just for the heck of watching beautiful colors on screen.

Another reason for me to watch television is to get ideas about blog posts.

The television is full of few good advertisements and lot of bad advertisements. I spotted stupidity in few of the ads that show up during the prime time (9:00 pm – 10:00 pm).

FairGlow: Godrej folks launched ‘FairGlow’ soap and it claims to make you fairer. Fairer than what your ‘lovely’ cream would make you in 10 days. Stupid! Skin color is controlled by melanin – a pigment that hides inside your skin. So I guess Godrej’s soap will not penetrate through your skin, mess up with the melanin and make you fairer.

How many of my superblog readers have turned from brown/black to white after using lovely cream or FairGlow soap? Please do comment.

If I get one single person saying ‘yes’, I’ll buy 20 FairGlow soaps and try recolor one black bull to white bull.

TataSky: So, did you see the ad where people ‘vanish’ after listening to TataSky’s new scheme? Okay, if not, let me tell you what the offer is. If you vanish, don’t blame me.

Tata Sky is now available…not at Rs.1500/- but at Rs. 1499/-!!

Wow, feels like we’re gonna save Rs. 100 right away! :mrgreen:

TataSky – what a stupid ad! I’ll buy you Rs.1/- chocolate if you stop showing the ad.

Harpic: At my place, we’ve dinner at about 9:30 everyday, while watching television 🙂 ; and Harpic guys give you a direct view of the un-clean toilet! Whoa! What a timing!


Bad Ads!

=The Big K=

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