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The art of eating!

By on Feb 28, 2008 | 2 comments

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Today, I am going to lecture you on the art of eating. Yes, eating is an art and most of you do not know how to eat. No, eating is much more than pushing morsels into your mouth and then sliding them into the oesophagus.

I will summarize the art of eating in following points –

1. Keep your mobile away/off: Lately, I have observed that many people keep on talking on the phone or checking/replying to SMSes while they’re eating. In my opinion, this is the dumbest thing to do. Eat while you eat.

2. Concentrate on the food: Think, see, feel and smell the food that you are eating. It helps. Do not keep thinking about rest of the world while you are eating.

3. Eat slowly: I have observed that many people have their lunch/dinner as if the fastest among them will win money. This is yet another dumb thing to do.

4. Chew! Chew! : Don’t just throw the morsels directly into your throat. God has created a wonderful ‘chewing’ system with jaws & teeth. Make us of it. Chew at least 15-20 times before you swallow.

5. Drink plenty of water: Yes, you are 70% water. Keep the balance. Drink lot of water.

6. Be happy: Be happy while you are eating anything. It makes you and people around you feel good and joy their meals.

7. Avoid non-veg food: Non veg food isn’t better than the vegetarian food. As my Grandpa (Retired doctor) explains :- Man is NOT a carnivorous animal. Look at the structure of our teeth and the carnivores’. Moreover, carnivores have a shorter intestine – about 3-4 feet long. This system allows carnivores to excrete the meat in shortest possible time and avoid the decaying of meat inside our body.

Humans have a longer intestine (shorter+longer combined) and the meat may start decaying before it reaches the bottom opening of the intestine. Simple and clear.

9. Avoid oily food: Overdose of oily food (or that matter, anything) is dangerous. The body does need some oil, extra quantities chock up the arteries.

10. Love yourself: Love yourself while you are eating. It helps in making you feel good about yourself.

11. Move your body: Don’t just go and sit in your chair once you’re done with your lunch/dinner. Just move around, go on a walk (if possible). Let the food go down the tummy.

Have a happy & healthy life from now on. Thank me for opening your eyes.

The Big K


  1. kidakaka

    March 9, 2008

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    Shucks and to think, thats precisely what I did not do now. Sitting in my chair, ordering a tanduri chicken and an oily palak paneer. I think I should read your blog more regularly for more such lifehacks!!

  2. The Big K

    March 9, 2008

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    I observed that none of us actually cares about the health, which should be our priority # 1. Without a good health, you cannot enjoy money and …whatever.

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