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Breaking News & TRP

By on Mar 9, 2008 | 1 comment

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I sometimes sit & wonder why is this beautiful world full of stupid people and stupidity. After thinking over the problem of stupidity for some time; I decided to relax and turned on the television. I surfed the channels and found out that almost every news channel had a breaking news. So far, I’ve come across following breaking news:-

  1. Shah Rukh Kan’s credit card stolen. [ Believe me, its a ‘breaking news’ on national television! Now India worries about SRK’s stolen credit card!]
  2. Stairway to heaven [aka “Swarg Ki Sidhi”]
  3. Khali to wrestle in Las Vegas.
  4. Man Cheats Death [ This damn channel was showing David Copperfield’s illusions and ‘explaining’ his tricks to the audience.]
  5. Ganguly & Dravid out of Pepsi contract [Breaking news? on National TV?]
  6. Two snakes getting married in some remote village of India [… yeh, breaking news on national TV!]
  7. Rebirth of Kalpana Chawla,

Its the sad story of Indian television & Indian journalism. The news channels do not show ‘news’ anymore. Rather, they’ve become cheap entertainment channels. Everyone says the channels do it to gain the higher TRPs. To hell with the TRP!

Well, its time to do some research. How is this TRP calculated? There are two methods of calculating the TRP. The better method involves fitting a special instrument on the TV that measure which channel was viewed and for how much time. The data is collected from about 1000-1500 houses from a particular area and based on this data, the TRP is calculated. Now, tell me, can these 1000-1500 houses give you any clue about what’s being watched and for how long? How does the TV channel know if everyone’s watching their ‘breaking news’? Its all crap, you know. I think it is.

All I want to say is that whatever is happening on the TV, is N-O-T good. I’ll write another post and discuss this point further.

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