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Judging the VNIT Personality Contest – II

By on Mar 9, 2008 | 5 comments

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[Update: When I began writing the part-I, I had no clue that I’ll be invited to judge the Personality Contest finals^. Since I am a smart-bum, I will combine the ‘best of two’ events and present them to you on ‘as-is’ basis.]

(Moments from the Finals: Pan the camera to judges’ waiting room): The first year boys escorted me to the judges’ waiting room. Yet again, my co-judges gave me ‘that strange look’. After I introduced myself to them, they said they knew about me and have read about me in the newspaper. It feels good when your existence is recognized and acknowledged. Now three of us (the judges) were waiting for the fourth judge – Mr. Ram Mohan – My favoritestestest coach/mentor at PT. I am a big fan of Mr. Ram Mohan. Mr. Ram Mohan arrived and looked at the all of us. I got this look-> 😯 , and I did expect it. “Sir, do you remember? I’m Big K from 2003 batch?” I asked.

Ram Sir (that’s what we called him): “2002 batch”.

Big K: “oops, yeh!” (How embarrassing! Duh!)

Big K: “How are you sir?”

Ram Sir: “I’m fine! What are you doing these days?”

Big K: “Sir, I bla bboo blah blah”

Ram Sir: “Good”

Big K: “Sir, where’s Ravi sir these days?”

Ram Sir: “He’s in Japan…” (Rrringg – my cell phone)

Big K: “Sir, excuse me. (To the phone) Haan bol, where are you right now? Meet me at the audi’s main gate.”

Friend and I entered the auditorium. I was asked to ‘write down my introduction” so that the compère could read it out to the audience.. I dictated few lines about my work to the guy at the reception and I think he was a bit nervous. He missed the important points such as “senior” label that I had in my designation, that I’m a Guitarist and not only a vocalist etc. But who cares for the judges’ introduction? Nobody does. As long as the cushioned seat is occupied with someone, who can be witty and ask ‘cool’ questions, it is all fine.

[Continued from Part I]

I occupied the chair on the right and I was closest to the ‘ramp’ and farthest (among the judges) from the big speakers. I thought I should have occupied the chair next to Ram Sir so that we could have talked a bit.

Lights off – focus on the stage – music on – contestants enter, occupy their predefined spots on the stage and then do a ramp – walk.

In the meantime, each one of us (the judges) got a candle on our desks so that we don’t mess up with marks. The organizers had already explained the rules and the marking system to us in the judges’ waiting room.

We were given the forms filled by the contestants. The form had questions like “Describe yourself with words that start with the letters in your name”, “What according to you is personality?”, “Confess a sin”, “SWOT Analysis” etc.

I really enjoyed the answers written by the contestants. Each answer was differen. Some of the answers were funny. Some were philosophical. Some of them were written deliberately to convey a “cool & happening” personality. Some of them showed a keen interest towards entrepreneurship. The idols for the participants ranged from “Burkha Dutt”, to “Mother Teresa” to “Vijay Mallya” to “Nikhil Chinappa”!

The show started with the introduction round. Each participant came on the stage – recited his/her introduction and went back. We rated them on a scale of 1 – 10 in various categories like “Confidence”, “Communication Skills”, “Body Language” & “Attitude”.

Round II started. On the day before, the contestants were divided into two groups of four each and given a task to execute. Contestants were invited on the stage and they had to explain the task, the role they played, their strategy, their opinion about the other members of the team etc. Team I had Ambarish who was the leader, and an obvious star. Although it looks good to be a ‘star’ in the team, a team cannot survive if it has ‘stars’ (that’s my personal opinion). Both the teams performed well.

Round III was the talent round. Contestants were asked what they were good at. Then they were asked to learn a new skill in two days and perform it on the stage during the finals. I enjoyed all of the performances. The doctor from GMC, Neha B, forgot her own poem – thanks to the crowd! In my opinion, Manvi’s performance was the best.

Then the participants were given a chance to present the skill they said they were good at. All performances were good.

We had a break of about 10 minutes.

I got up and called on Mayur’s cell. He needed some help and I promised to call him once the contest was over. Kartik, Kulesh and I chatted for about 2-3 minutes. Something strange caught my eye….

[To be continued]

The Big K


  1. prasad

    February 18, 2009

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    please,if you can help me? i want some tips for my personality contest going to be held on 27th of feb.
    please its very importrant because i am so much confused about what to do actually to be prepare for this?
    if you have any sugetions please send it to me.
    above request itself defines the comment…

  2. Vichu

    July 14, 2011

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    hai Sir.wud u plz gve me  sme highlighting sentences  to mak my introduction a superb one in mypersonality  contest >>>
    my id>>sunqwerty1949@@gmail:disqus .com
    i will b thankful to u if do the same>>

    • Anonymous

      July 15, 2011

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      Don’t participate in personality contest. You seem to be a short-cut seeker and it shows from the way you’ve written the message. Building a personality takes time and I don’t see you’ve paid attention to the way you type.


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