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Entertainment Unlimited!

By on Mar 31, 2008 | 4 comments

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I sometimes wonder how much useless entertainment a person wants. All common people want to be entertained all the time. Unfortunately, the type of entertainment people love is ‘useless’. I will make myself clear in the following paragraphs.

I have observed many people use their computers to store music & videos. Some use them as a dump yard for the pictures taken from the mobile phones / digital camera. The rest use it to play the games. So, they make their computer (which is capable of doing much more than just storing music, pictures & videos) an entertainment station – an on demand television.

I see most of the people browse TV channels trying to find something that is funny or interesting. I see most of the people would prefer watching MTV Rodies than watching a documentary on Discovery channel about the latest development in technology. Many people would prefer to watch some crappy news item than watching how the Petronas Twin Towers were built.

I see most of the people forward SMSes received from their friends. Just poetry or some joke. Few of my colleagues used to type / forward SMSes all day long.

I see most of the people use the Internet for the entertainment & useless stuff. I personally know 20 people who spend their time watching YouTube videos, browsing unwanted sites or worse, writing ‘hiii’, ‘hello’ scraps on social networking sites. These activities do not involve ‘usage of brain’.

I see most of the people use email to forward the pictures, spam received from friends. Take a look at your own mailbox and tell me how much of it is worth storing if each mail was to cost 1 buck.

I see most of the people spend their weekends watching movies or sleeping!

So, tell me, how much entertainment do you really need?

I believe, our brain chooses to be busy all the time. It needs something in it – either trash or something good. People who do not know what they want to do in life or don’t have a purpose, waste most of the time. Now debate champs among you would like to have a debate with me on about calling it ‘waste’. I don’t care.

So, how many of you are willing to make a change in yourself? Why are we so inert to learning new things? Why can’t we use the Internet to learn about technology or learn something new? Why can’t we spend some time learning to play a musical instrument? Why can’t we spend some to create something on our own? Why can’t we try to be creative? Why can’t we spend some time to learn new software? Why can’t we spend some time to read TechCrunch?

Maybe God programmed us that way. Because if everyone does what I wrote in the above paragraph, everyone won’t be like ‘everyone’ (in quotes).

The Big K


  1. kidakaka

    April 1, 2008

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    Awesome new theme!! Simply bootylicious!! Kudos on the selection biggie :-). Do you know at any time you are not using more than 16% of your brain? And if that is the case, then let the brain relax na? Do all those activities you said require grey cells? No, they dont, and thats precisely why people do them 🙂

  2. The Big K

    April 1, 2008

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    Thanks for your comment. I know what you’re talking about.

    Actually, I don’t get this tendency of filling the brain with useless stuff.

    I was shocked that none of my junior team mates knew about Any Rand or the Fountainhead.


  3. Ash

    April 3, 2008

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    cool, new theme! Nice 😉

    Btw, it is possible to use youtube to check out technological documentaries 🙂 Its a matter of what you type in the search box that determines how well you will utilize your brain! Oh, just noticed the Live traffic feed. What an international audience you have, hehe.


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