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Why do people hate Microsoft & Windows?

By on Apr 3, 2008 | 3 comments

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I’ve noticed this at lot of places: Blogs, User comments, Canteen Conversations, Meetings etc. People love to hate Microsoft & its operating system – Windows.

You’ll hear this a lot if you are surrounded by abunch of IT engineers – “Windows is not stable”. So, once upon a time, I had asked this simple question to one of them “Can you tell me why its not stable?”.  The answer that I got wasn’t convincing. The IT guy had replied “It crashes so many times”.

I’ve used Windows 98, XP & now I’ve Vista Business. None of them ever crashed. No, I’m not an ‘average’ user. I’ve ‘played’ with the system and it worked well.

Another thing you’re likely to hear when surrounded by bunch of software engineers is – “Windows does not give you complete control over the system”. I doubt if that’s really true. I’ve seen hardcore Windows lovers, too. Look at Windows through a regular user’s view! Its beautiful and it gets the things done. That’s what people want.

In my opinion, Microsoft has changed the world in its own way. Microsoft is a great company built by a great visionary & entrepreneur – Bill Gates. I think people who don’t like Microsoft should first stop using Windows and switch over to Linux.

I’m happy with Vista and it never crashes. I’ll be happy if Microsoft buys Yahoo. Go Microsoft Go!


  1. Saurabh

    April 4, 2008

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    I very much agree with you Biggy. But the question needs to be framed in a different way..

    It should which is the best operating system for desktops and which is for servers.

    Now that I have worked on the three major operating systems around which the world revolve(Windows/Unix/Macintosh), I can hope to answer this question or comment on what you have conveyed.

    I don’t really agree with the statement “People love to hate Microsoft & its operating system – Windows”. That is not the case. People around the world and off course it includes software community as such very much appreciate the usability of Windows operating system without any doubt. But yeah as far as its stability is concerned, I myself have faced issues at times. Keep your Windows working for couple of days without reboot and check out the weird behavior it has to offer. Many of the application like messenger which sit on top of the OS, start crashing or doesn’t get launched. But still Windows desktop OS series rocks because it was never meant to be kept running for long. And if you want to have a much more stable OS, which you need to use from server perspective then go for the OS versions like Win2k, WIn2k3 and most recently Win2k8. Microsoft’s strategy has always been to be quick to market. They just need a reasonable product quality with which they jump into the market and make the picture bigger than life. And then follows the long series of service packs which eventually brings the software to a good health. And I really agree to any statement which says “Bill Gates rocks in PC world”. But what I like about MS is the fighting spirit they have. They are inventors of quite seldom technologies/trends, but they have always come back with their version of the product, may it be live search or .NET framework.

    Now let’s throw some light onto Macintosh. Apple had been the oldest organization into the business of operating systems. And still they rock. Their OS is still rock solid because of the underlying Darwin Unix system. But the classy, fancy and slick look that the GUI has doesn’t match that of any other OS till date. Mac is not that popular into server market space, but yeah they have a specific niche client area in which they play really well. A normal common man won’t go for buying a Mac desktop/laptop for their regular use. They need to be really passionate about it, to pay such a huge cost for it. But the end user experience in any case is at par with other available OS in market as far as style and GUI features and OS applications are concerned.

    Last but not the least-UNIX. UNIX as an operating system was constructed with a solely different thought in mind and its evolution was also far different than Windows. It was developed for research and so the UNIX user was always considered to be a CS freak. This gave rise to the thought of everything so open in UNIX. Then off course its stability, made it the best choice to be used as server OS. UNIX evolved as free distribution and that increased its popularity amongst the computer freaks because they were able to modify the code of the system to match their needs. Stability of the UNIX system attracted big brands to develop their version of Unix and so came up versions of HP-UX, IBM-AIX, Solaris, RedHat Linux, Suse, Mandrake etc. What a user expects from server operating system. It needs to be stable, can run without issues for days, should be easy and simple to use.

    Now what I feel make people crib about Windows is that off course windows desktop OSs can’t run long races without reboot. User doesn’t have that kind of control over the OS as he/she can have while working on UNIX.

    But I need to write it here that if you are going to buy a personal computer for home use, you will never go for UNIX based OSs. It would be always windows. Eventually as Windows have evolved as server operating system, so has UNIX as a desktop OS. There are now a days very cool and flashy GUI available with different flavors of Linux. But if you are into fashion, music, film industry blah blah, my advice to you is to go for Mac. It’s worth its price.

    Uff!! I was about to write a comment for your post BigKKKKKKKK.. But I ended up writing a blog of my own for the day.. Nyways comments are still welcome as this is an interesting topic.

    Keep up the good spirit….


  2. The Big K

    April 5, 2008

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    Very well said, Saurabh! 🙂

    I agree to most of what you’ve said. Regarding Macintosh; its not popular in Asian countries, but I believe a good bunch of people in USA, EUROPE prefer Mac Over Windows. While both operating systems are good, its a personal choice that matters after all.

    I’m not sure how Windows performs if its run without rebooting for days. But that surely cannot be the reason why people crib about using Windows. Think about a regular user – do you think he/she will be interested in running the computer for days without restarting it? No.

    I think people love to hate Windows & Microsoft because it makes them feel that they are ‘techies’ and ‘industry insiders’. If Windows was bad, it would have been wiped off the markets in just few months.

    Anyway. :mrgreen:

    It feels good to have so big comments!

  3. Nik

    June 18, 2009

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    I know this is an old post but I’ll comment anyway.

    Windows actually got most of it “lack of stability” credit from early version, (Win 95 & Win 98 in particular where you’d get blue screens from any application falling over)

    Alot of this was solved in win2000 and then when the desktop market moved from the Dos based windows to the NT based windows (and became XP).

    There were still issues then and took a couple of service packs to sort out. But they weren’t that bad.

    Security is another thing, but you have to bare in mind when windows XP was first written, no-one ever thought the average Joe would have his computer hacked so it was never really thought about. Every OS has (and had) lots of holes in it, after all, the internet at the time was still relatively new and constant connections were rare for the home user.

    *nix based systems closed alot of their holes after having lots of attacks angled at them.

    Macs rarely got attacks (at the time, it wasn’t the script kiddies OS of choice, probably due to the expense of buying one in the first)

    Windows was receiving it’s first payload of bad virus’ propagated by the internet.

    I think MS has done a good job closing the holes. *nix dev’s too. But even now, I’ll feel sorry for Mac users when the virus writers and crackers decide to start attack them. The false sense of security they’ve been lulled into (both the users and Apple itself) is going to make them very vunerable.

    But they do indeed all have good points about each OS, each have their bad points, and I really don’t believe Microsoft deserve the flak they receive from the “louder” populace.

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