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Reliance Customer Care – shit!

By on Apr 4, 2008 | 2 comments

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I think Indian Customers have a long way to go before they get treated as ‘God’. I’m a user of Reliance NetConnect (wireless Inernet) and I went to the local Reliance center to pay the bill. I filled up the form with required details (yep, you’ve to fill a form before you pay the bill!). I went to the guy (Let’s call him Reliance Guy or “RG”) who was sitting behind a thin LCD screen.

Big K: Hmm. [To himself: I’m “The Customer” here & these guys are going to make me feel like I’m God! Because customer is God!]

RG: (On phone. Probably with a distant relative) Ha ha ha ha. Yes …. yes. Don’t worry.

Big K: [To Himself: Meh! (staring at the board that says “Customer Care”)]

RG: yes yes…..

RG: No no … I told him. I told him that I won’t be able to come…but….. ha ha …..

RG: hmm…let’s see. I don’t know what can we do about it….no …nooooooo………..ha ha..

RG: Yes, do you want me to call him? ..umm…okkaay… I will …

Big K: [In his mind: Damnit! At least acknowledge my existance! I’m the customer! The God! Standing in front of you! damnit]

RG: Okk.. take down the number .. 98…..93…..4 … yes …4 yes … yes..

[2 minutes over]

Big K: [In his mind: 🙁 ]

RG: (about to end the conversation, so says ‘Ok’ & ‘yes’ repeatedly) Okk okk ..haa ..ok …yes yes I will ..ok..ok.. OOOOKKK…

[30 more seconds]

RG then accepted my form & the bill – accepted the payment, then stamped the bill, then signed on it and returned it to me.

Big K: I want to change the plan and move to the ‘unlimited browsing’ plan. What should I do?

RG: Go there – points me to another representative.

Big K: Thanks.

Big K: I want to know the details of the plan.

RG-A: Looks in his computer … guess someone deleted it. (To RG-B) Do you have it?

[RG-A & RG-B both search for a document for a minute and then give up]

RG-A: You can call on *333 and ask them to change the plan.

Big K: Okay, but I still need the details.

RG-A: [Remins silent]

[2 minutes later…]

Big K: Damnnn.

Big K leaves the place.

Having experienced top quality customer service elsewhere (In Malaysia & Singapore), I think Indian Customer Service has a long way to go. The biggest obstacle in the progress is that people don’t really understand that they’re not being treated well. Anyway, I’m still an optimist.

[30 more seconds]


  1. dominic

    April 5, 2008

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    I bought a reliance net connect once and my mother lost her sleep for 2 months. Every other day they will call my mother and say ” We will put you son in Jail if you dont pay whatever bill we send.” All their promises before you subscribe are mere cheatings.
    They take custome voice form promising to change the plan and forget about it the moment you leave their office.
    The executives are trained in how to cheat customers. Their Service Assuarance cell knows only one thing “Escalate Issues”.
    Even though, they admit their mistake, they will not clear it.
    They dont care about Common Sense, Laws or any guidelines.
    whatever they do, you will have to pay the bills whether write or wrong.
    so beware,buy reliance phone only if no other option exist

  2. shaili

    June 3, 2008

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    Reliance stinks ! I paid money for a data card but its one month and I still haven’t received it. From the last 15 days I have been begging every reliance employee but my complaint keeps getting shunted from one person to another. When I said I wanted my money back I was refused rudely and asked as if he was doing a big favour to me. Why should I want to apply again when I haven’t got the one I applied for, that too after such harassment ! I only want my 2800 rs back but somehow I don’t think I am going to get it.

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