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Me, my brilliant daughter & the “foreign”

By on Apr 14, 2008 | 1 comment

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I cannot stop myself from typing this post. My mom is chatting with aunty from the neighbourhood who is bragging about her brilliant daughter’s achievements and the whole “foreign” thing.

Aunty had once declared, “My daughter’s brilliance cannot be understood or appreciated in this country”.  She will go to <some foreign country> and make a difference to the world. Here’s the process: Aunty brags & exaggerates her daughter’s achievements -> others listen & compare it with their son’s/daughter’s achievements -> exaggerate and tell it to their son/daughter -> word spreads.

Therefore, on the last count, my neighbour’s brilliant daughter can fly in the air just by moving her hands, can walk on the water bare feet, has invented an elixir for life, has achieved breakthrough in chemistry, has a good chance of becoming president of USA in next couple of years and conquer the world.

The message that is being spread is: India is not the country where the ‘talent’ is appreciated. Once you go abroad – you can do anything you want. Going abroad is shortcut to success. Blah Blah!

I, for some strange reason, do not like it. I did not like it when aunty declared that “My daughter thinks USA is a ‘dream like’ country…it’s so clean & beautiful.” while throwing the trash out of the balcony. Meh!

Seriously speaking, I do not like to talk about it.

The Big K

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  1. A.B

    May 6, 2008

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    it reminds me of a classmate of ours ( ours bocz she was in RKNEC Electrical)…n her mother………………have heard a lot of things abt her being pompous abt her daughter n her achievements…….i have even heard that the line diagrams we drew for our 3rd yr. projects were displayed in the drawing room of the lady in question……


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