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Show us the money, stupid!

By on Apr 17, 2008 | 2 comments

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Everyone who knows that I am behind CrazyEngieners, asks me this one question –


“How much do you earn from the site?”


When I say “nothing”, I get strange looks. They just cannot understand why this guy puts so much of efforts in running a website that doesn’t earn him a dime. A person (manager) whom I used to report to in my previous company, even spread the word that Big K is going to sell his website for millions and he won’t give a buck to his team mates.


I see that everyone is after those ‘quick bucks’. If you are not making money, there is certainly something wrong with you – is what most of us think. So, shall we always act to make money?


Money is important. Money can make the things happen. However, it is not my focus. I’m focused on creating value. I am doing something that I love to do. What looks like ‘efforts’ to others, is actually ‘fun’ to me. I don’t get tired and I enjoy every moment of being on CrazyEngineers!


CrazyEngineers will make money; rather, create wealth. Everyone will be benefitted from it. Money will never be a focus.


Those who focus on money, never succeed; even if they do, they’ll fail in the end.


The Big K


  1. Ash

    April 20, 2008

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    Hear, hear!

    Ya know, I did ponder on the worth of Crazy Engineers recently 😉 A million is an interesting amount.. *grin*

  2. durga

    October 12, 2009

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    Do I need to have a paradigm shift that BIG K is not money minded??? OK! will try for that!

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