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Today, I’m going to tell you tales of two interesting people (software engineers) who surround me here.

The guy on my right cares a damn about work. His policy is “Come late, Go Early”. He comes to office an hour before the Lunch time and leaves the office by 6. His goals are clear – he doesn’t want to work as long as he’s getting paid. There’s nothing more than to him that I can write here.

The guy on my left is an interesting person. Today, I had a 30 minute chat with him and he seemed to like to talk about himself.Our discussion kicked off with my simple question to him about why he left <the rival company> and joined here. He naratted his story to me and since he doesn’t know that its going to be put here, I’ll tell it to you.

The guy on my left is from Bangalore. He did his engineering & didn’t like to work as a ‘typical software engineer’. He knew that ‘marketing’ was God’s gift to him [Ref: He told me stories of how big brand companies hired him to do the marketing for them]. He always wanted to do his own stuff (meaning: Running his own business).

But then one day, his mother cried to him and said “Why did you do engineering? Why don’t you look for a job?”. The guy on my left said he can get a job anytime [and then got a job day after, with <a big microprocessor manufacturer>]. He spent about 4 years with that company, occupied a big house near to Chiranjivi’s (South Indian Movie Star) house, traveled almost all of India (except Kolkata) and then left the city to join here.

“What’s your plan now?” I asked. “This is going to be my last company. You see, I don’t own anything here. I want to start my own business. I am a marketing guy. I can do anything. There are lots of ways for me to go into business.”.”But then, you could have done everything in your home town. Why did you come over here?”, I added. “There are several factors. I am here for stability. I got huge salary hike and I want to get married. I want my wife to do be in the job so that I can start my own business.You see…you can come here, do something and you get paid after 30 days. But that doesn’t happen in business. Electronics market is all about few months …from Ganesh festival to 1 January…”


Each one has his/her story. But I’m pleased to know that the guy on my left knows what he’s doing and he’s got a plan. That’s so unlike software engineers, right? 🙂

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