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Jannat Review

By on May 24, 2008 | 1 comment

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Frankly speaking, I’m not a movie buff. I do not watch movies [especially hindi movies] because they are full of crap. After hearing everyone around me say “Jannat’s songs are the best” at least 20 times, I decided to watch the movie. I saw the movie @ City Pride. The ticket was worth Rs. 150 rupees which allotted me the middle seat in the third row from the screen.

[Off Topic] India is a people-dense country and you can sell/show anything to people here & make money.[/Off Topic]

So, the movie starts with a guy (Imran Hashmi) losing money on cards. The guy is careless in every manner and laughs even when he is losing. He’s spent his childhood as a poor kid in Mumbai; yet he dreams of making big money some day and be in Jannat [heaven]. Obviously, he’s got no [legally permitted] option(s) but to embrace cricket match fixing. To make the things easier for him; (and to move the story? forward) Imran has a great sixth-sense which allows him to predict almost everything about the match. Imran begins making lot of money using his six-sense in match fixing. He gets picked up by an underworld don.

In the meanwhile, there is a girl in Imran’s life. Who is his lucky queen. She’s got no role in the movie except looking good, dancing in the club when things go terribly wrong in her life & crying out loudly in the concluding scene [I’m not telling you what happens in the end].

Movie unfolds and there comes a stage where Imran has to choose between love & money [Meh!]. Obviously, like any other good Hindi Movie Hero – he goes with love.

The movie ends.

I felt some stomach pain after the movie was over. Probably because I ate a veg-burger & drank cola. Because everyone was buying it during the interval and I thought it must be really nice.


Big K’s Rating: * (Poor) [But hey, you go & watch the movie. My thought never match with those of the masses. Who knows, you might love the movie].

Thanks for reading. I feel better.

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  1. Kidakaka

    May 26, 2008

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    Awesome theme!! I liked the change. Loved the blog post even, I am sure I wont love the movie as well 🙂 … naah, had not even considered it … i feel good 🙂

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