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An appointment with the nutritionist

By on May 26, 2008 | 0 comments

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One thing I really like about <this city> is that the people here are totally business-minded. Therefore, they know how to take money out of your pocket.

Yesterday, I was robbed of Rs. 300/- by a nutritionist who told me the things I already knew. I’m used to it now.

So, being a hardcore punctual man, I reached the venue (The GYM) sharp at 6:25 pm, that’s sharp 5 minutes earlier than the appointment time. I was called in by the nutritionist at about 6:50 pm. I didn’t mind.

The discussion began with Ms. Nutritionist asking me my age, weight, height and if I’m a software dude. [Btw, do I have a ‘software coolie’ lablel somewhere on my face or what?]. She told me that I’ve taken a very good step by joining their program. She asked me how’s the workout going since past 1 week. I responded with all details.

Then she entered my age, height & weight in an excel sheet that had boxes in Red&Green [the overall look of the excel sheet, therefore, ugly.] Then she had strange expressions on her face, as if she was doing some intense calculation in her mind. Then she asked what diet I follow.

I told her the diet I follow and she said its alright but I need to cut down on sweets ( 🙁 ) & I shouldn’t eat fruits during the lunch time. I said that’s strange. So she began explaining the technical stuff that included few complex names which I had heard during my biology/anatomy classes in Jr. college. I said its okay. She also told me about few reactions that have complicated names which happen in my (and everyone’s) body throughout the day.

Then she said I must eat fruits+milk before workout and fruits+breakfast after workout.

I was then asked if I’ve any questions.

Except for the reactions with complicated names, I already knew whatever I was told.

I felt cheated. Damn.

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