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Judging the VNIT Personality Contest – III

By on May 27, 2008 | 1 comment

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{I don’t break promises. This post was intentionally delayed.}

Continued from here – Judging the VNIT Personality Contest – II

A couple walked up to the judges panel and started chatting with my co-judges. I found it strange. For the lady & gentleman were one of the contestant’s parents! Looked like the couple & the judges knew each other.

That’s not fair, I thought to myself.

The final round was judges’ questions round. We were supposed to test each contestant’s personality by asking him/her (funny, witty, difficult) questions. I really enjoyed the round. At times, I got a feeling that the contestants were not being themselves and trying to answer what they thought we’d love to hear. That’s a sure shot way of scoring low points in personality contest.

My questions were pretty simple (I believe). There were no right/wrong answers to my questions. For example one of the questions I asked [which became popular among the audience] was, “Assume that I shrink you to the size of a coin, while maintaining your density; and throw you in an empty glass blender. You’ve got 60 seconds before the blades start moving, what would you do?”

One question that I really enjoyed, was asked by my co-judge. The contestant was asked to answer the question in shortest possible time. The question was, “If the hour hand of the clock is between three & four, while the minute hand is exactly on 12, what is the time?” :mrgreen: Cool question, eh?

There was a separate students panel that totally grilled the contestants. They had few good questions with them.

Overall – good job everyone: The contestants, the organizers, the guys behind the laptop, the audio guys and the audience.

The contest was over and the we were thanked by the director of the institute. He too, gave me a ‘strange’ look [for I looked like the dude from the final year]. He shook hands with me and said it was his pleasure to have me as a judge. Boy! What a feeling!

I was then surrounded by students who wanted my contact details and I happily wrote my email ids on chits of papers. Surprisingly, no one ever contacted me. That’s alright. I (tried to) answer few questions like”How should I get started?”, “New ideas don’t strike my mind, what should I do?”, “What is the correct answer to that ‘glass blender’ question you asked?” etc.

The results were announced 2 days later. I believe each of the contestants has a great future ahead. For facing a crazy audience requires guts & confidence. Carry the same confidence along with some extra-ordinary common sense is what I’d like to tell everyone.

Thanks for making me a part of VNIT Personality Contest.

The Big K

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  1. Divya

    October 9, 2010

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    could u please answer me what is the appropriate answer for that coin question?

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