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Why do spammers spam?

By on May 28, 2008 | 2 comments

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Today, I had a look at my spam folder just to ensure that I’ve not missed out on any internet cash prize. Normally, I’d just ignore my spam box, but I paid a special attention today. I’m really surprised & astonished by the enthusiasm of online spammers. Everyone is eager to sell me things I’ll never need. One question that popped up in my mind –

Why do spammers spam?

Obviously, they have their own reasons. I believe spammers from China are paid to spam. You’ll notice that most of the spammers are from China who promise to sell you iPod for just $99 or Xbox or PS3 for $149. I also believe that some of the spammers spam because its fun to flood someone’s spam folder. Some of the spammers might spam just for the heck of it. Above all, spotting the idiots on the Internet and taking money out of their pocket seems to be the chief aim of all spammers.

As quoted on this site, “4 percent of email users in the United States say they’ve ordered products touted in unsolicited emails”. That’s huge, dude! Few people don’t spam, they phish! Phishing means stealing Internet Idiot’s bank account/credit card details to become richer. Imagine one sends phishing emails to 1000 users. Let’s assume 10% of them are idiots. Say 1 of them actually gets phished & discloses his credit card/bank account number; you’ve made lot of money!

So its all about money!

Big K’s advice: If you are an internet-idiot, please disclose your email address only to trusted sites. I recommend having two accounts – one which you can use anywhere; and another, which you use for banking or personal contacts.

[Note: If you are a spammer reading this post, please understand that I hate you.]


  1. Suyash Joshi

    May 28, 2008

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    These days some companies too hire human spammers to comment on blogs, articles, forums and popular websites to distribute their links free of cost over the web…

    plus human spammers can’t be blocked by conventional methods like captchas etc.

  2. If you are a Chinese dude in the middle of China and sending millions of spam, you can make a living with it.

    Say 0.01% of your email get opended and then anohther 0.11% are buying your staff and your commission would be 15% then you would earn 15$ for a product worth 100$ by sending 10’000’000 emails.

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