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Who is your biggest enemy?

By on May 29, 2008 | 0 comments

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Well, have you ever thought of this question –

“Who’s my biggest enemy?”

Think. Its an important question that you should answer. All of us have different enemies at different time & space. For example, my biggest enemy, when I was a kid was – “homework”. I couldn’t understand why they punish you for something that you haven’t done! Then, I grew up [because the time passed by] and my biggest enemy was my science teacher. She’d punish me a jealous, idiot girl in my class [who was also the prefect] would complain to her about me. I grew up again & the SSC & HSSC exams were my biggest enemies. I was supposed to perform! I was expected [by the principal] to be in the merit-list. I couldn’t stand up to anyone’s expectations [not even mine].

Then I got into engineering & I didn’t have any enemy. The world looked okay to me as my friends & I didn’t care about anything but the attendance [there was a threshold that we were supposed to cross]. I did cross it on couple of occasions during my four years of college & I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I was shocked to see that I got a first-class.

Then, everyone started looking for a job & I thought that was ridiculous. Yet, everyone [in the society] thought an engineering graduate should get a job as soon as possible. I didn’t have any other plans & therefore doing something against my will looked like idiotic. So, job search became my enemy. I got a job with a tech company, I stayed there for more than 3 years.

At work, company appraisals became my biggest enemy. I somehow, believed that people care for each other. Actually, they don’t. At times, I thought my colleagues were my real competition than the external world, for I had to compete with them for better grades & promotions. The enemy looked difficult to beat for it involved hurting lot of people around. Accept it or not, the one who’s closer to the supervisor has an edge over the others in appraisals. Some call them butt-lickers. I disagree. Afterall, its a race where winner gets it all. You choose your way. Its perfectly human.

That pretty much covered 26.5 years of my life. I’m sure I’ll keep on having enemies. But above all, as I’ve realized during past couple of months; “procrastination” has been the biggest enemy I have.

Someone truly said, “Biggest enemies are from within”.

The Big K

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