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Resigning without having a job

By on Jun 2, 2008 | 4 comments

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Let me tell you a fact. We (rather, most of you) are addicted to the monthly paycheck. The comfort it gives, the peace of mind it gives is just amazing. So when the appraisals go wrong and I get at least 10 pings on IM saying that they’re quitting their jobs ‘tomorrow’, I just laugh. For I know, none of them would have guts to actually quit! It requires guts! I’m telling you.

Then most of them go back to listening motivational speeches by Steve Jobs & other famous people who took the biggest (calculated) risks in their lives and reached to the top. They all were little foolish and had desire for achieving something big. But not everyone can think like them.

I couldn’t stop myself from posting this as my friend is explaining to me why he’s staying back and fighting! lol. Yet another paycheck addict! :mrgreen:


  1. Saurabh

    June 3, 2008

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    Interesting topic huh!!

    I don’t think the paycheck gives any kind of peace of mind. Today you will find everyone more or less in debts. They might have bought a house or a car or a HDTV whatever. And so thats the reason people are so much worried about their jobs and paychecks. People do comment regarding appraisal system and in fluke many a times commit that they will resign the very next day. But it doesn’t work out the way they want because they have fat EMIs to pay every month and so cann’t sit idle at home searching for a new job.

    As far as appraisals are concerned, they will always treat a part of the mob well and will affect the rest. But the part of the mob that is happy is a small percentage and the one that gets affected negatively is higher and so they crib around..

    I feel the name of the game is hard work and dedication, you try out with these two vectors and am very sure you will be very well appraised..

    What do you think??

  2. The Big K

    June 3, 2008

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    Well, I think you just had a different choice of words. You still echo me!

    The paychecks enable you to pay for the EMIs and that does give you a piece of mind! Paycheck does put you in a comfort zone! A zone in which you can buy whatever you want (as long as your keep your requirements in limit), pay for the bills et al.

    Hardwork & dedication matter – only when you apply them in right place & time. Again, both these parameters (or vectors 😉 ) are relative & depend upon the perception of your boss. That’s where the things go wrong! For a given amount of work, the hard-worker might look more committed and dedicated than the smart worker.

    80% hard work & 20% ass-licking should be the strategy for any aspiring corporate ladder climber.

  3. kid

    June 5, 2008

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    I think its 3L

    L – Luck
    L – Lubrication
    L – Labour

    And Lubrication does not mean “ass licking” but reducing the friction. You need not shout “Hail Boss/Manager” every time you see him, nor you need to kick him every time he makes a mistake. But rather express your opinions in a more sensible way. Rather Diplomatically !!

    I know many people who execute this strategy to perfection.

    That for the appraisals !!

    But for quitting, its about satisfaction. For a job there are only 3 qualifications

    Work (Project)

    And this depends on your priorities and options.

  4. The Big K

    June 5, 2008

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    Well, when I say 20% ass-licking, I mean mild levels of flattery :mrgreen:. Make your boss feel that he’s superior, helpful, respected & fun to be with – even though he/she ‘s not any of them. Look, in the end, it’s all about what your boss thinks about you. Numbers/Stats can always be tweaked.

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