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Reliance Communications’ Business Model

By on Jun 4, 2008 | 0 comments

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I guess I’ve cracked the secret code of Reliance Communication’s Business Model. Until last night I only had a doubt, but now its confirmed!

Reliance Communications is making money by chagrining me extra bucks for using their NetConnect service! Yay! Reliance!

I relied on Reliance for a long time. I subscribed to NetConnect’s Freedom @ Night plan (I don’t remember the exact name though). The plan said I pay Rs. 400/- to them and then use Internet without any restrictions during 10 pm – 6 am! I was told I’d be charged at Rs. 0.60/min during day time. I was happy because I serf the Internet mostly at night, post 10 pm. First two months were alright! I managed my bills under Rs. 450/- [Come on, they didn’t tell me about the Rs.50/- (taxes!)].

Last two months have been bit different. I traveled a lot and therefore had to use Internet during day time. One find Sunday, I found out that my connection was disabled! Woa! I rushed to a nearby Reliance store to check what went wrong. I was told that I exceeded the monthly usage limit.

Surprize : I wasn’t told about this so-called-limit when I bought the connection!

I paid the bill and got my connection activated. Its not been more than 3 weeks then and I got my connection disabled again! Darn! Now what? An SMS popped up in my laptop that said I exceeded the usage limits!

HELL! I connect to the Internet post 10:15 pm everyday! That means it HAS to be under the ‘FREEDOM’ thing! Moreover, I’ve Internet access at workplace. So my usage from home is minimum! Now let me do the calculation: Rs. 1200 (the upper limit) divided by Rs. 36 (per hour charge) comes to around ummm…ummm.. 33.33 hours! Boh! Did I really really use 33.33 hours of Internet in 3 weeks at night?

Nah, Noway, How come?, Of course NOT, Are you kidding?

I’ll ask for the logs when I go there to pay the bill.

ps: I guess Reliance can do a dirty trick and get away with it. See, reliance sets its clock say 15 minutes behind the actual time. Now, If I login at 10:10 pm, its still 9:55pm in Reliance’s clock. So they can charge me with Rs. 36/hour! How nice! 🙂

I guess I’ll be a good businessman. :mrgreen:

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