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Three Mistakes Of Your Life

By on Jun 10, 2008 | 3 comments

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Latest novel by Chetan Bhagat: “Three Mistakes Of My Life” is selling in book stores like hot cake. I haven’t yet read the book, but I heard the reviews from my sister. She thinks the book is ‘okay’. The title is catchy enough to take Rs. 125/- out of your pocket.

I thought of writing about three mistakes of my life. Although, I personally think that I don’t have any “mistakes” (note the quotes) in my life, I’d point out following three if anyone offered Rs. 1 crore to point them out. As they say, the worst three words together in English are “could have been”. Anyway, here we go –

Mistake # 1: Not studying hard enough to get into IIT

Little more concentration & dedication could have landed me into IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology) – India’s answer to world’s premiere engineering/technology institutes. People say IITs are good. I just wanted to confirm.

I had subscribed to Brilliant Tutorials’ Postal Course and I’d solve all the questions. I never had a strategy for the exam and never took mock tests. Obviously, I failed.

My attitude has always been like “If I don’t get the prize, the prize is unlucky!”. Had I gotten into IIT, I’d have been working for a different company & at a higher pay. I don’t think other things would have changed. But let’s call it’mistake’ for this posts’ sake.

Mistake #2: My Glasses

Do you see those spects on my nose? Glasses remind me of my second mistake in my life so far. I should have followed Mom’s advice. When I was a kid, I hated green vegetables like anything & played video games for hours. I’d keep the books not more than 20 cms from my eyes (I thought it helped me concentrate better). Result – I got a life-long gift: glasses.

There’s a solution available. LASIK can help me rectify my second mistake in my life. But I’d better not go for LASIK as I want to be reminded every-day: Follow Mom’s advice. It helps, trust me.

Mistake #3: My height: 5’8″.

Bah! Even though I’m 3″ above average Indian Male height, I could have been taller. I wish I could love milk (pure milk, without coffee). I wish I had gotten up early every morning and done 5 rounds of the cricket ground. I could have been 6′ tall.

I am not sure if being 6′ tall helps. You can’t get into small cars easily. You can’t get whole of you covered in group photographs. You are asked to get those remote boxes off the loft. You can’t keep your head high, while talking to other people.

So, these are the three mistakes of my life. Would you mind telling me three mistakes of YOUR life?


  1. ragini

    March 6, 2013

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    till date d biggest mistake known u me of mine d my foolishh…..decision of taking sans. subject in
    9th std which dragged… away from mah frenzzz…….best buddies…… 🙁


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