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Guitar – Frequently Answered Questions

By on Jun 11, 2008 | 0 comments

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The best part of being a Guitarist is that you earn some respect in your community. The reason is simple. Everyone in this world is either a Guitarist or an aspiring Guitarist. Don’t tell me you don’t fit into either of the categories. Guitar is a lovely instrument, afterall.

I’ve been playing guitar for more than seven years now & found out that every wannabe guitarist wants to know answers to the following questions. I hope you find your question listed below. If not, feel free to ask in comment & I’ll answer.

1. How long does it take to learn to play Guitar?

Short Answer: Lifetime.  Long Answer: Well, I know what you want to know. You want to know how long will it take you to play your favorite song(s) on guitar. Well, my friend – its upto you. The more you learn to play guitar, the more you know how less you know :mrgreen: . Its all about practice. You just get better & better at playing guitar. There’s no end. No, there are no crash courses available.

One advice: Its the inner desire that always does the magic. Unless you’ve that burning desire to play the guitar, don’t get into it. You’ll be disappointed. The instrument is not as easy to play as you might have thought. Play the guitar for yourself, not to impress anyone.

2. What is that plastic thing you hold in your right hand?

Ans: Its called the ‘plectrum’ or ‘the pick’. Its used to strum the strings of guitar.

3. Can you play Electric Guitar? (Typically asked to acoustic guitar players)

Ans: Yeah. The technique for playing both the guitars is the same. Electric guitar have pickups that catch the sound waves & turn them into electric signals which are then fed to the amplifir or the effects processor. Everythin else is almost the same for both acoustic & electric guitars.

4. Can you play like the guy in our college did? He totally rocked!

Ans: Maybe. Unless the guy was Malmsteen. The guy who performed in your college might have used a high-end guitar effects processor to impress everyone. Remember – electric guitar is 70% effects processor and 30% guitaring skills. An effects processor can turn a simple guitar pluck into magical-rock-like-sound.

5. I just bought a book that teaches how to play Guitar in 21 days.

Ans: Best of luck.

6. I love rock music. I want to know how…

Ans: Hold on hold on! You probably don’t know what  “Rock” (and even “Metal”) music is. What you actually like is the sound produced by effects processors. You will understand what “Rock” music is, if you ever learn the western music. Its difficult.

I can’t recall other questions right now. I’ll answer if you post them in comments.

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