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From absolute to relative

By on Jun 13, 2008 | 1 comment

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I’m quite shocked after a short telephonic conversation with my friend. The peer pressure, the desire to be cool & the ‘gennext’, desire to prove yourself, desire to prove your existance, desire to ‘enjoy life’, has totally corrupted young Indian minds…and I’m a 26.5 year old guy writing this about my own generation.

As Guy Kawasaki said in one of his speeches, “as we grow older, things change from absolute to relative”. When we were kids, smoking cigarette was absolutely bad thing. Jumping traffic signals, was absolutely bad thing. But as we grow older, things become relative. Smoking only 5 cigarettes is ‘okay’. Jumping traffice signal once because you don’t do it normally is ‘okay’. Have we lost our minds?

I urge everyone reading this post to have YOUR OWN, ORIGINAL THOUGHTS. Don’t do anything just because everyone else is doing it. Have your conscience in place. You know what’s wrong and what’s rite. You know what’s moral and what’s not. What’s ethical and what’s not. What will make your mom proud of you and what will not. Don’t be an idiot. If you must copy things from the west, copy the good things. Copy their innovativness. Copy their cleanliness. Copy their patriotism. Copy their manners. Copy their work ethics. Don’t shut your brain. Don’t close your eyes. Have some self respect. Don’t smoke because all your friends smoke. Don’t booze off because you want to be in their gang. Do something that should make them proud of being in your company. Do something good. Don’t fool yourself. Don’t be peer pressured.

There are LOTs of very good things you can do in your life. Seek enjoyment in doing something good for you. Stay away from things which were ‘bad’ when you were a kid.

Remember: God has scheduled time for everything. Think about it and obey it.

ps: I wish I could write about my tele-talk with friend, but this blog is read by kids as well.

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  1. Amruta

    June 21, 2008

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    I “absolutely” and not “relatively” agree with you Big K.
    Thanks for writing this Blog.

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