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The big Internet disaster

By on Jun 13, 2008 | 11 comments

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Today is Friday the 13th. Big disaster on the Internet has happened and its going to affect you, your neighbors, possibly your next generation and me. Yahoo went insane and confirmed Google monopoly in internet search as well as Internet advertising.

Disaster it is!

I personally wanted Microsoft-Yahoo deal to happen because that’d put a check on Google. Neither Microsoft nor Yahoo alone could compete with Google. Only hope we had was Microsoft-Yahoo merger that would give a tough competition to Google. Today’s deal throws Yahoo out of the race & leaves us with no hopes for real competition in Internet search advertising.

Surely, its a great day for Google. I’m sure Google is dancing with joy. Now they can keep any amount of online advertising dollar in their pocket and distribute peanuts to publishers. Who’s going to stop them from doing that? Yahoo, you disappoint me.

A competition-less market is not good for anyone. With Yahoo backing out, the Internet Power goes into Google’s hands. I bet Google won’t follow “Don’t be evil” anymore. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Google needs a competition and I believe it will come from start-ups. Innovation will be the key, whoever masters it gets a chance to enjoy the benefits. Till then, try to save yourself from the big G.


  1. Mayur

    June 18, 2008

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    What makes you think they can not compete. Yahoo has orchestrated their own downfall. Google didn’t mess with any one. They just came up with products and service thats so un-stupid and appeals the entire world.

  2. The Big K

    June 18, 2008

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    As I’ve stated in other posts, I’m not against Google. I’m against their monopoly in the Internet. Agreed that they are ‘just coming up’ with their products – understand that their products are creating monopoly!

    If Google is ‘just coming up’ with their products which beat all others, let Microsoft come up with Internet Search inbuilt with their operating systems. Let them make OS which only runs IE and doesn’t allow firefox to be installed! Quite logical, what say?

    Yahoo has given up. Yahoo’s top management doesn’t have a clear vision for their company. Yahoo has ceased to be the ‘great’, innovative company it used to be. But not anymore.

    Microsoft, has been trying to get into the Internet Search market for quite some time. However they are not ‘that’ successful. Google isn’t messing up with anyone – but that’s what you think. Google has gained (intentionally or unintentionally) the control over all the advertising dollar on the Internet. They already control search. Internet is the next big thing. I don’t think Google’s going to be ‘non-evil’ company anymore.

    Power corrupts!

  3. Mayur

    June 18, 2008

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    {If Google is ‘just coming up’ with their products which beat all others, let Microsoft come up with Internet Search inbuilt with their operating systems. Let them make OS which only runs IE and doesn’t allow firefox to be installed! Quite logical, what say?}

    If MS comes up with an OS that allows only IE, there are enough others who might have developed better operating systems (ex. Xandros, now bought my microsoft) and it won’t take much for them to collaborate with Mozilla or any one else to beat Microsoft. And by the way windows does have an in built search engine (check start menu) Just that it failed to make competing products to Google that appealed masses. Most of Microsoft’s great products are takeovers.

    Google on the other hand has developed them. They gained the control because they understood the psyche of the market better than Yahoo or Microsoft. Google has become the Rafael Nadal of clay court. However hard the Roger Federers (MS, Yahoo, IBM etc.) may try. They JUST CANT BEAT Nadal in his own territory.

    Its only matter of time before Google invades the territory dominated by IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft. Its only a matter of time…

    {Power corrupts!} It does. We will have to wait and watch.

  4. The Big K

    June 18, 2008

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    By Windows inbuilt search engine – I referred to a search engine that defaults to Microsoft’s life search and is a feature of Windows. The current search does only desktop search.

    Yep, Google has developed the search engine. No doubt about it. Just like Microsoft understood what desktop upsers wanted, Google built their user centric search engine.

    I totally disagree that Google’s ‘developed’ all of its popular products! Give me a break! Google docs come from Writely. YouTube was NOT a google’s innovation. Google Maps come from another aquisition (I don’t remember). Picassa is an acquisition! Spreadsheets – nothing new about them.

    Google is a great search engine. However, they are spreading their wings into almost everything that’s on the Internet. I only want someone to keep a check on them!

    Power corrupts. If it corrupts Google – we all will be in serious trouble! Internet is just way too important!

  5. Mayur

    June 18, 2008

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    The current search does allow internet option, albeit it opens in a browser.

    Anyway, Writely was acquired, but put to use by Google, You Tube, nothing great about it. Moreover it has maintained the brand name. Google maps is conjunctively developed with Europa Technologies and Lead Dog Communications. They still own the copy rights. Many of Google’s developments have been collaborative, although I understand in today’s scenario inorganic growth is essential.

    Why do you want to keep a check on Google’s wings? Are you a communist? Are you a socialist? Are you against growth? If a company is growing, let it grow ethically. Why hinder some one’s progress?

    Power lies best with those who don’t need it. If Google wan’t to grow. It will not corrupt itself.

  6. The Big K

    June 18, 2008

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    What a comment. When did I say I want to hinder Google’s growth? (and I’d have loved to be in that position :mrgreen: ) . I only demand a serious competition to Google! The point I’m driving home is that Google is no different than other companies (except Apple 🙂 ) who innovate on their own!

    Google will always be free to grow on their own. We just need another big daddy to compete with them in everything they do. This has got NOTHING to do with me being a socialist/community/whatever.

    Oh boy – “Power lies best with those who don’t need it” !

    My reaction on reading this is: “Meh!”!

    How do you know Google doesn’t need power? They need it! Power goes into the hands of those who fight for it & need it. Google’s is doing the same, but they don’t have to fight anyone.

  7. Mayur

    June 19, 2008

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    The power needed to sustain on the top spot in such a competition is much more than what it takes to reach there. Microsoft is running out of steam just like Yahoo couple of years back.

    Google is different by the way it works. And this is pure business now.

    “Go away demons of stupidity” … Love it or hate it, there is NO STOPPING Google!


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