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Is Google really innovative?

By on Jun 18, 2008 | 6 comments

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My friend Mayur & I’ve a comment fight going on here –

Now, I happened to mention “Is Google really innovative?”. I used to think “Yeah, they are probably the most innovative company on the web”. But looks like I’m wrong. Google is a GREAT search engine. So I used Google to find out if they are really innovative :mrgreen:

I found out following link : –

It looks like after Google search and possibly adwords, Google hasn’t done much of the innovation thing. And why should they waste their time in innovation? Adsense earns them so much money!

Here are some of the most popular Google’s services :-

Detailed list is available at above mentioned link. Note that Google has also acquired number of web based search engine startups! Now, isn’t that a way to kill the competition? Hello, anyone?

Google is NO DOUBT the best search engine around. We should thank them for creating a kick-ass search engine. However, they’re spreading there arms into everything. Alright, no problem! They are a company and are free to do whatever they want. But hey, there is no one to stop them! Monopoly is NOT good!

Yahoo has given up. Microsoft isn’t doing great on the web, but they have the power and willingness to make it big on the net and give Google some serious competition. Let’s have a fair game here. If Mozilla can default search engine to Google, let Microsoft default it to Live. Don’t just love Google because you hate Microsoft. Both are great companies. Let’s have a competition so that the users win.

What do you say fellas? Let me know through comments and votes :



  1. Suyash Joshi

    June 18, 2008

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    I am an outright Google supporter…
    Before posting the above site, you should have done a bit more research and checked these sites too:

    So Google is not doing something out of the way…
    The others are doing it too and by going the number of entries, they are currently leading handsomely.

    But as everyone can see, Google have managed to do it (acquisitions) successfully. So stop blaming Google.

    In fact, even Microsoft has “acquired” Microsoft Windows DirectX, Microsoft Game Studios, MSN, Windows Live ID, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Defender and what not??

    If there is monopoly, as you have put it, then maybe Google deserves it. Because the others simply can’t keep up. Don’t expect competition JUST for the sake of competition. If someone else can provide better services, then surely they can break the monopoly…

    I have nothing against Microsoft as well, its just that the world loves free stuff and currently Google is a pioneer in providing the same !!

  2. The Big K

    June 19, 2008

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    Looks like we’ve another hurt Google fan here! 🙂 FYI, I did my homework well before writing above post. I have already gone through the links you’ve mentioned. Those pointers, the the context of the post are totally pointless!

    First of all, let me clarify one thing yet-again: I’m NOT blaming Google. I’m against their monopoly on the Internet.

    Acquiring companies doesn’t make Google innovative. In fact, extending your post – Google’s just following Microsoft & Yahoo by acquiring startups and turning them into their ‘free’ services.

    I guess you support Google’ monopoly because you’re blindly in love with Google; and everything they do seems right (true in love,eh?). Understand one basic thing: Monopoly is *not* good for the consumers (that’s us!).

    World adores free stuff. Agreed. But who told you Google’s providing free stuff? Come on, they’re taking money out of your pocket through ‘indirect means’! Google is a corporation and they need money to survive & run. Understand: There are no free lunches.

    I believe Windows can be ‘free’ too. But you won’t really like Ad-Supported OS. :mrgreen:

  3. Ash

    June 21, 2008

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    Ah yes, this explains how Google has managed to rise to become a major technology company so quickly! But anyhow, they do try hard to become a likable corporation, providing relatively free services.

    What does it take to be an innovative company? I think in an oligopolistic market, you don’t really have the luxury to grow organically. If your mind is dead set to beat your adversaries, you’d just want to gobble whatever is available.

    However, if your philosophy is different, you’d do things the other way round. Instead of gobbling up companies, you spin off some!

    A good example is Idealab 🙂

    (funny to see some of their spin offs were acquired by Yahoo and Google)

  4. The Big K

    June 22, 2008

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    Ash, for the sake of examples, ‘Apple’ is an innovative company! iPod, iPhone are all their own innovations. I guess I don’t have anything more to say on this topic.

  5. Ash

    June 23, 2008

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    Good point, but that doesn’t justify their utterly expensive products 😉 Anyway, the good thing about their innovations is that it spurs the competition to produce much cheaper (and sometimes better quality) clones and products that do similar functions. Hooray!

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