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Reading: Increase your financial IQ – Robert Kiyosaki

By on Jun 18, 2008 | 0 comments

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Years ago, precisely in year 2003, I had picked up a book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. The only reason I picked up that book was the strange title. I thought it would be a novel, but the book appeared on the shelf titled ‘Business/Management’. I bought the book – and since then I’ve bought & read almost all books written by Robert Kiyosaki.

Finance is a grossly misunderstood subject. For most of us, the topic of finance starts with the monthly paycheck and ends with our ‘investment’ (huh?) in mutual funds, stock market and the EMIs you’re playing for the ‘flat’ you’re currently staying in. Robert Kiyosaki says your home is NOT your asset. Now I agree. A home is more of an ‘emotional asset’ to most of us; it’s not a financial asset. I see lot of my friends putting their money into Stock Market, without even understanding how things work there. I don’t say it’s bad to put your hard earned money into stock market, but I believe stock market is for the people who just want ‘some side income’ (as they say!).

I won’t comment more on Stock Market as I don’t understand anything about it. Currently, I’m reading the book “Increase your financial IQ” by Robert Kiyosaki. It talks about 5 most important financial IQs. Written in simple language, the book is easy to understand.

In the end, I believe Robert Kiyosaki’s books are for everyone who believes in applying common sense to the world of money & business. I suggest that you grab a copy of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” right now and start reading. Don’t stop there – read his other books as well. Especially “The Cashflow Quadrant”, “Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing” & “Before you quit your job”.

Let me know your opinion about Rich Dad books.

The Big K

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