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DostPost – Duh

By on Jul 3, 2008 | 1 comment

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[Unwanted update: The changing weather & rains led to blockage of traffic, roads in Pune & Big K’s nose. That’s why Big K couldn’t update the blog. He’s back, hopefully. *sneezes*]

The bad thing about Google Reader is that it allows you to subscribe to lots of blogs. Reading lots of blogs leads to accumulation of unwanted knowledge in Big K’s brain. Today, I read a blog post about an upcoming website called Naturally I was tempted to click on the link (just like you did a second ago!) and check what those guys are offering. My first impression was wonderful!

It said “What’s your Dream? Make it happen with DostPost.”

Wow! These guys are going to help me to turn my dreams into reality! (my interpretation). Now, my dream is to to attain materialistic happiness through (taken from Who is Big K anyway link above) :-

Purpose of existence:

To make the place a better place to live and in the process…
• Buy a 10 seater private jet
• Buy Ducati R999
• Buy Mercedes-McLaren SLR 500
• Start & grow a dozen companies
• Write 3 books
• Become popular as a singer & a guitarist
• Lead MEGA projects
• Spread Common Sense & Smile all over the world.

…which, I think I fair and achievable. I searched for more information about how these guys are going to make sure I achieve things listed above. I couldn’t find any relevant information. All I came to know was I have to declare my dreams to everyone so that I can stay motivated. 😯

I personally do not like any site that requires me to register before I find out what’s in the offering. Most of the times, I feel cheated. Anyway, I decided to register to find out more. I registered and got the activation link delivered in my spam box. I activated my account.

I was then asked to upload my photograph. How are my dreams related to my looks? IMHO, ugly people can dream about beautiful things :mrgreen: & small people can dream about big things :mrgreen: . I skipped the step. I was then asked information about my gender, birthday and location. Using this information, I was presented with :-

We think you’ll like…

Okay, pretty obvious, huh? People of my age don’t get up early (because they sleep late in the night. Most of them haven’t found ‘true love’ and 99% of them want to be their own boss (because their daily job frustrates them to hell).
On the right hand side, the site put a big ” ? ” over the link “Your fans”. Now I’ve got no fans. I don’t like the idea of spamming my friends and request them to be my fans. Alright. I’m bit ‘odd’ person, I know. I really don’t like this concept of visiting unknown people’s profiles and adding them as friends.
In the end, I didn’t find anything about making dreams happen. DostPost, in my opinion, is yet another social networking site and is bound to become popular – like any other social networking site.
The Big K

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