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Stupidity on INDIA(N) – TV! – Proof!

By on Jul 3, 2008 | 1 comment

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Well Well Well! :mrgreen:

I do not take the credit for the following pics. Whoever took pains to click them – had nothing better to do for sure. Look what’s being aired on INDIA TV!

[I’ll translate it for those who can’t read Hindi]

The tigress is three years older than the tiger


But still, the tiger said “I LOVE YOU”

———————————- (Click following link for more stupidity 😉 )

You & I, get locked in a cage, and the key gets lost


You & I in the same cage


But there’s a twist in the love story


There’s someone else …


The tiger is not loyal to the tigress


Someone else loves him…

Woa, India TV! Give us more! We all believe in animal-love :mrgreen:

The Big K

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