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Problem Solving & Decision Making

By on Jul 9, 2008 | 1 comment

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I had an opportunity to attend a training session on “Problem Solving & Decision Making”. I sincerely believe that everyone has his/her own skills of problem solving and decision making and they cannot be taught in classroom, in simulated conditions.

The class began with the trainer presenting us with a power point slide titled ‘Agenda’ that had about 6 bullets. I got scared. I’m scared of boring power point presentations. I decided to wait, be patient to see what’s in the offering. I attended the session for about four hours and then ‘took a decision’ that I should leave the session as soon as possible. I escaped during the lunch break.

In my opinion, its useless to know the various ‘types’ of problem solving approaches. Its useless to draw matrix and then fill it with some assumed stuff or facts and then decide. For example, the trainer first presented us with the ‘phantom triangle’ and asked us to tell everyone what thought it was. Then we were given an analytical problem to solve. Then we were asked how we arrived at the solution.

Its useless.

Every decision is associated with parameters and my decisions may differ in different situations. Probably that was the whole point beind putting us through different situations during the training. But why’d I spend my time learning what I already knew?

I am still the same person as I was before the presetnation.

The Big K

ps: I’m not sure what I’ve written above. Its just a random collection of my thoughts about the session.

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  1. MLN Rao

    July 10, 2008

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    You are to some extent but not entirely. Yeah, no one can teach problem solving and analytical skills to other, but knowing them from others is not actually a raw deal, isn’t it? Perhaps with experience the stupid may learn something or atleast try to do some copycat work when presented with the same problem and surrounding.

    By God grace neither you nor I need any such kind of learning experience. Thanks to the God. Cheers.

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