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The Saliva Sprinklers

By on Jul 21, 2008 | 1 comment

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An unknown study has proved beyond doubt that almost 1/3rd, that is 33.34% of the world population consists of saliva sprinklers aka the ‘talky’ people who sprinkle saliva over people around them whenever they talk.

Yours truly was unfortunate to have lunch with one of the active members of saliva sprinklers community. He sat next to me and I realized, I had made a mistake. I could have easily taken the seat opposite to him on the square table. But it was too late.

The lunch began normally because everyone was silent & checking what they had taken in their plates. Its surprising to see that people actually get surprised to see the items in their plates – typically in a buffet. That can be understood – as people really are in a rush to fill their plates with everything’s there in the offer.


So, the beginning was easy. I fixed my eyes on TV because for a change they had something sensible to show – something about the current mess in the pariament. The activist also noticed the ‘sense’ on the TV and sprang into action!

He started analysing all the parliament situation and explaining us how the ruling party can prove its majority in the house. Poor me 🙁 ; I was trying my best to protect my fruit bowl from his sprinkles. My strategy of covering the fruit bowl was working – and the tiny cold spots on my hand gave me the necessary proof.

…and while I was washing (cleaning) my hands; the activist asked me “Brother, you didn’t eat the fruits today?”

“Ah, didn’t feel like eating fruits today”, was my reply.

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