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80% of new Indian startups are into buildnig products! yay!

By on Jul 25, 2008 | 4 comments

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Couple of days back, I chatted with Mr. Ashish Sinha, chief editor of – a popular technology/startup related blog in India about the latest startup directory they were introducing.

I asked Ashish about the percentage of the products based startups of all the startups submitted – and he said its close to 80% ! Whoopie! 🙂

80% of new Indian startups are building products! I hope they are building products for the world – not for some western company. I hope they aren’t into ‘outsourced product development’ – because that’s essentially ‘services’ with a different label. 🙂

I guess years of ranting by software fellas (including yours truly) on why India can’t produce kick-ass products has paid off. We’re building products. Let’s become world’s #1 innovative country! Let’s make the world a better place to live.

Engineering students – you better stop preparing for GRE. The next big thing is here, right in your neighbourhood!

The Big K


  1. ranjithboyan

    July 26, 2008

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    thts definitely gud news….but i doubt if the way up now is….shifting from “services” to “products” or “services” to “value added services”, meaning moving into knowledge economy….either way, it ll do grt good to the industry though…

  2. Jayasree

    August 23, 2008

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    You happen to compare Nagpurian’s english and grammar to yourself..i feel..goes without a second thought that your english is good..but please raise and move on..Nagpurians even today if flaunt Inox..multiples….brilliant CBSE ..ICSE schooles almsot evry nook and corner and so called hi fi life are yet to come in terms to speaking the Royal language..its sorrow state though..and yesss I am Nagpurian too..but am now far too used this inability by our fellow nagpurians to speak in decent simple english….BTW i read your blogs ..i do find couple of them really common mistake i sight…usage of term “back”for eg;this post starts with couple of days back..correct statement would be “couple of days ago”…you may check Wren and Martin if you so please…

  3. The Big K

    August 23, 2008

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    Hi Jayasree,

    Thanks for your comment. I do not comment on anyone’s English simply because I’m not good at it. I studied in Marathi Medium school and I can’t do English the way convent folks do. All I hate is – SMS text and poorly written emails. “hi sirr….give me projt topics…plssss” – is an example.

    Thanks for pointing out the incorrect ‘back’ usage. I’ll try to avoid it. 🙂

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