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Tough to answer

By on Jul 26, 2008 | 4 comments

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The tough part of running CE is that I’ve to face questions which are sometimes tough to answer. Sometimes, I get pings on IMs which ask me about my personal information. My full name, where I live, my phone number, my ‘personal’ email address, what I do etc. You know what? I find it very difficult to answer personal questions. I avoid them. People ask me out of curiosity. I can understand.

But the really tough ones are questions like these. Sometime back a girl wrote to me –

“Sir, how to be the best?”

You might think its an easy question to answer. I think its an extremely difficult question to answer. Because who ever wrote to you thought you knew the answer.

How would you answer to above question?


  1. Mayur

    July 29, 2008

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    “Be yourself and never betray your ideas! The best will eventually evolve”

    Gee! That was philosophical!

  2. The Big K

    July 30, 2008

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    Yeah. But you know what? Our generation does not read books.

    [ps: All they want is free ebook which is easy to delete.]

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