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Everybody wanna laptop!

By on Aug 1, 2008 | 1 comment

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Yo! All you cool dudes & dudettes out there! I know you wanna laptop! It makes you look cool! Huh?

The fact is – you all are bozos!

Few days back, I had an interesting conversation with a IT/Software dude (aka professional). The dude explained that he badly needed more salary (and money, in general) because he wanted to buy a laptop!


Out of curiosity, I asked him why he needed a laptop. He explained to me that he usually gets bored on weekends because of the unavoidable load shedding / power cuts which prevents him from watching movies on TV. So, the best alternative he thought was to buy a laptop! The dude was willing to spend up to Rs. 40,000 on that laptop with a big screen & brand. He needed Rs. 40,000 more and the problem of ‘less money’ was bothering him.

I told him he could easily buy a DVD Player [Rs. 1000] and an Inverter [Rs. 2500] and he could enjoy whenever he wanted.

…and that BOZO thought I gave him a brilliant idea!

I told this story to my buddy – Mayur and he narrated a similar story to me. His colleague bought a 60k Toshiba only to ‘flaunt it’.

God! This is what happens when lot of money goes into the hands of monkeys. Thank you Indian IT! You put lot of money into the hands of monkeys.

So, let me bring you all my dear bozo readers to this – do you really think a laptop is a replacement of DVD player? Agreed, for 99% of the people out there – its just a storage device for your movies and MP3s. But a computer/laptop is much more than that! Come On! Put your laptop to great use, it can give you an ‘edge’ over the others.

…and when I talk about AJAX or Web 2.0, don’t give me a popped eyeball or a yawn.

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