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How not to diffuse a bomb!

By on Aug 5, 2008 | 5 comments

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You know what?

I know you don’t. So just take a look at following picture (Courtsey Bennet & Colman Co.) –

This picture was published in all leading newspapers and most of us saw it on television. But no one really pointed out stupidity in it. Now we have two men – one brave man and one not so brave man diffusing a bomb that (burts and kills people). The not-so-brave man is wearing a special suite to protect himself and the brave man is in his casuals. What the heck!

Both of them are standing close to the bomb! What the heck this brave man in the picture trying to prove?

The Big K


  1. Mayur

    August 5, 2008

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    The brave and not so brave man is not trying to prove anything. He is not difussing the bomb, its already diffused. Had he been doing it, he would be wearing a helmet. He probably might have carried it to a suitable place to study it. I’m sure newspapers just put this pic as a reference.

    If TOI posted saying the bomb is being diffused, they are stupid. If they didn’t and you though so… you decide 😀

    btw, I think you tag most of your posts with The Big K. Are you a narcissist? :mrgreen:

  2. The Big K

    August 5, 2008

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    Mayur – a bomb is a bomb. Even if its diffused, one must be careful. I might be stupid – but while dealing with a ‘bomb’ , this stupidity can save your life.

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