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I’ve to go through this –

By on Aug 5, 2008 | 3 comments

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Being The Big K is not easy. People are curious to know about you. One of the curious person pinged me to have following conversation :- (Enjoy!)

Curious Person: hiiiiiiiii

The Big K: Hello

Curious Person: may i kno ur nam?

The Big K: I’m Kaustubh.

Curious Person: vvhr r u?

my nam iz hari

The Big K: I’m in Pune.

Curious Person: im frm kerala

vvat u dng?

The Big K: Sorry?

Curious Person: i mn vvat iz ur profession?

The Big K: I’m <removed>.

Curious Person: atz nic………

n elz?


The Big K: Didn’t get you, sorry.

Curious Person: i jzt mnt if ur ztudyn, or vvorkin zomvvher……

The Big K: I <removed>, I told you.

Curious Person: zo thatz ur only vvrk rt?

i thot u vver jokin


The Big K: Yes

Curious Person: i jzt likd ur concept

The Big K: Thanks.

Curious Person: that led me to hav zom fndzhip vd u

btvv hvv old r u?

The Big K: I’m 26.

Curious Person: im 20

The Big K: ok

Curious Person: zingl?

The Big K: Sorry?

Curious Person: i mn if u r married

The Big K: No, I’m not.

Curious Person: k

shall i ask u somthn?

The Big K: Yes please?

Curious Person: pls dnt feel irritated


The Big K: ok

Curious Person: hvv do u earn frm thz professn?

i mn do u <removed> or u get paid fm somone?

The Big K: I earn by <removed>.

Curious Person: k

tht vvaz a dbt

thnk u hadnt any probz rt?

The Big K: Couldn’t get you, sorry.

Curious Person: btvv im dng my 3rd yr b tech in electronicz n communication

The Big K: Good to know that.

Curious Person: 4got tel

belatd hapy friendship day vvishes

The Big K: Thank you and same to you.

Curious Person: thnks

i thnk u hav lotz of onlin fndz nvv

The Big K: Not really.

Curious Person: but yyyyyyyyy?

The Big K: I don’t know. Maybe everyone is busy.

Curious Person: but thatz nic……….

v had a nic tim

The Big K: Didn’t get you.

Curious Person: i mnt vve had a smooth chat vvithout much interferences……… i too havnt any onlin fndz novv

The Big K: I see.

Curious Person: k, vvat elz?

got zom vvrk

shall i leav?

The Big K: Your wish.

Curious Person: plz dnt 4gt my nam k?

c u latr

gud nyt

The Big K: I will not. See you later.

Good Night.

Curious Person: bye


  1. kidakaka

    August 5, 2008

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    🙂 Sorry I could not help with the earlier comment, then I couldnt bear reading it either!! They are the future of the country K, think about it. And do not invest in any index funds!!

  2. Mayur

    August 7, 2008

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    eek…..! Reading this is like opening the wardrobe only to find a Malaysian lizard shitting on my favorite shirt.

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