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Discouraging me? Best of luck!

By on Aug 7, 2008 | 3 comments

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This is a sincere request to all bozos who discourage others, especially their friends. If you ever find your friend(s) venturing into something new – never discourage him/her/them. It simply does not do anything good. When CE started, I fanatically told all my close friends about it. But to my surprize, most of them made fun of me and tried to discourage me. I had no clue why were they doing it.

I thought all my friends would join me and we’ll kick some serious ass together. But it didn’t work out as I expected. They told me how its not going to work. They told me they were just TOO BUSY (watching youTube, Orkut, movies & music etc.). Over the past 2 years, I’ve asked them so many times to join in as we were picking up some momentum. They are still busy and still make fun of me.

Mayur was an exception. He joined in and he does fantastic job. Others tell me I should ‘get life’ and have fun (party every weekend, go home early from work, spend less time on Internet, get a girlfriend {this is surprisingly difficult! :p } and go out etc.).

All said, I totally enjoy what I’m doing and its more fun than anything else. If you want to discourage me, best of luck to you.


  1. Mayur

    August 7, 2008

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    Thanks for this buddy, except I must admit that I too made fun, till the time I understood what you were up to. 🙂

    And know whom all you speak about 😛

  2. Anugya Sinha

    August 8, 2008

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    Hey, Big K,

    Well, I am nowhere close to the ‘IT’ education except that I write for a Management & Education magazine and often cover some topics on IT. However, was just looking for some matter on CAT Exams and bumped into your site. Surfed a bit. Wish I was an engii to join it! Anyways, I liked what you write especially this one piece. It reflects your determination and confidence to materialize your thoughts…come what may….interesting and inspiring!! Keep it up!
    BTW also enjoyed your “smooth” chat with the curious person (hari).

    Keep moving ahead!

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