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Chetan Bhagat, Madhurima Banerjee (Chetan’s PR) & I

By on Aug 29, 2008 | 33 comments

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Through this blog post, I plan to give some good advice to Madhurima Banerjee, who handles Chetan Bhagat’s PR. I believe Madhurima is a nice person and she had no intention of playing with our sentiments. So here comes my advice to Madhurima so that she does not get the blame for wasting time & money of people who contact her for Chetan’s interview. As a matuer person, I understand that with Chetan’s growing popularity and soon to be released movies, Madhurima must have gotten too busy to handle the PR well.

My tete-a-tete with Madhurima occurred over the phone [In May, 2008] when I asked her if Chetan would be interested in a Small Talk with us. I even sent an email to Madhurima, requesting for the interview. She said she’ll get in back in touch with us, very soon. So, I called her after few days and asked if she had any confirmation from Mr. Chetan Bhagat. She said Chetan is willing to do the Small Talk and I could send our questionnaire to her through email. Boy! I was happy! Chetan Bhagat – India’s best known author of three books, agreed for an interview! My joy knew no bounds! I then asked Madhurima if we could borrow some time and collect questons from fellow engineers (aka CEans). I announced it big on the site. We collected questions and the questonnaire was sent to Madhurima after few days. Madhurima confirmed that we would get Chetan’s response by the last week of the month.

…and then started a series of emails and phone calls requesting for Chetan’s responses. Every time, I’d hear the same reply “Chetan said, he’ll send it soon”. Then one day, I heard a funny & very unprofessional response “Chetan has sent responses to few questions. I’ll send you the completed questionnaire by next Friday”. I thought to myself “That was the stupidest response I’ve ever heard”. Somewhere I had a hint that I was being fooled. But I was determined to have Chetan Bhagat’s interview. And why not? The questions were asked by my fellow engineers – they wanted to have Chetan answer their questions. And Chetan …or..err…Madhurima had agreed to it!

Then Madhurima would give me time to call so that in the mean time, she could get some response from Chetan. I’d call – and she’d not pick the phone. How unprofessional! “iD!OT”, I thought to myself. I once called from another number – and whoa – I tricked her to pick up my phone. In the mean time, I kept on sending her polite reminders and requests to send me the update. She’d reply once, after many emails but with they were all useless, with no guarantee. I remember in one of my calls to her, she repeated my sentences!

“Madhurima, kindly let me know if we could expect Chetans’ reply by Monday”. “He said he’ll reply”.”Oh, but when?”. “Ooo butttttt wheeeennnnn”

My requests after requests continued. I believe none of my requests/emails or even the questionnaire ever reached Chetan. I bet Chetan would have at least said No for the first request itself or at the most, one week’s time, if he couldn’t do the interview. But sadly, I never had any response from him.

Finally, Madhurima told me “Chetan won’t be able to do it, sorry.”. More than three months had been passed. Numerous phone calls, emails, along with the money & time were wasted. My sentiments were hurt. I felt strong emotions of anger, pain & rejection at the same time. I pleaded her again, at least put me in touch with him! Let me convince him. “No”. “If not phone, give me his email ID, I want to put my case in front of him. So many engineers are waiting for him! Please understand!”. “No.” Phone cut.

So that was the sad ending of the drama that Madhurima Banerjee had with us. I even think she must have had an evil laugh after she cut my phone for the last time. But that’s just my thinking because I was angry and rejected. Madhurima Banerjee is a nice person and I wish her all the best in life. She could take my advice if she wants to improve her way of work and be more professional:-

1. Do not make false promises to anyone.

2. Do not ignore phone calls if they come from people whom you’ve promised something.

3. Read/Reply to emails that are written specifically to you. I believe that is your job.

4. Do not make fun of people who call you. They do not call you to hear your voice, but because they want to hear from Chetan Bhagat!

5. If someone is polite, then respect him/her throughout your conversation.

6. If you have made a promise on behalf of someone, its your duty to fulfill that promise. I believe this is common sense.

Friendly suggestion to Mr. Chetan Bhagat:-

Sir, you are so dear to all of us. You write wonderful books. Could you please have more than one person to handle your PR? You’re so popular now. I guess it must be very very difficult for one person to handle your PR.

Suggestions to people who are looking forward to Interview Mr. Chetan Bhagat:-

Wish you all the best.

The Big K

Unhappy Chetan Bhagat Fan

PS: Those who want to interview Mr. Chetan Bhagat, please head over to –


  1. kidakaka

    August 30, 2008

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    Its a heart rending post Kaustubh. Especially after knowing how much efforts you put into getting all those famous personalities on CE. I hope the blogosphere atleast gets your message across to Chetan if not the PR,email,et al.

  2. The Big K

    August 30, 2008

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    I’d be happy if Chetan reads post and tells Madhurima to be nice with people and follow advice I’ve given to her.

    As far as the small talk, we don’t want Chetan anymore. Enough is enough.

  3. Mayur

    September 1, 2008

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    I bet Chetan has already read this if he had a time to access emails.

    Our quest to get Brion Vibber, the man behind Wiki’s technical operations also died slow death.

    I hate people when they break promises. Its sad to know that an engineer has fallen pray to Bollywood craze and fame.

  4. The Big K

    September 1, 2008

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    No, Brion is on list and so is Mr. Bezark. I’m not a quitter. Unless they say “No”, I’m not quitting.

  5. Varun

    September 4, 2008

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    On their site, there is a page for “Reach Me”. It says “Please note all feedback goes directly as a private email to Chetan”. I wonder if it reallly goes directly!

    But seriously, this was sad. Really unprofessional. I wonder how Chetan hired her, or even if he knows what she is doing.

  6. The Big K

    September 5, 2008

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    You think Chetan reads those emails? I don’t know. I even sent an email through “Reach Me.” I never got any response.

  7. Mayur

    September 5, 2008

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    Guys guys, I’m repeating my golden words again (lol), Chetan is bitten by a non curable virus. The publicity virus. He is a celebrity now, he is a film maker. Even if he might have read your mail, I’m sure he conveniently ignored it as its of no value to him.

  8. The Big K

    September 5, 2008

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    You know what? I’ve experienced this unprofessional behavior more among Indian celebrities. In past, we’ve had Mr. Guy Kawasaki, Mr. Burt Rutan, Mr. Bjarne Stroustrup, Mr. Suigh Jamin, Mr. Jann Tallinn and many more who are way ahead of Chetan Bhagat. I believe that accounts for their success.

    All the best Chetan. We’ve got Chief Designer of Burj Dubai. We’ll make sure you are banned from CE – forever.

  9. Dibyo

    September 25, 2008

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    lol ! thats such a funny article. i came across this article while going through links for Chetan Bhagat. somehow it showed up on google. anyways , seems like you really had a bad experience. Does this lady have her own publicity company?

  10. The Big K

    September 25, 2008

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    Thanks for your comment Dibyo. This lady words for a PR Company (corvoshandwick). The funny thing is that the company does not have online presence [try searching]. I wonder what made Chetan choose them to handle his PR.

    Whatever. Who cares anymore. Chetan, His PR and his movies. I give a damn.

  11. Chhaya

    January 16, 2009

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    I just wanted to tell chetan bhagat that life dosent have an happy ending always.There is not always a friend or an angel to aacompany you in bad times.some times we have to fight is not always of being lucky…sometimes we have to live with bad times too,for all our lyf!

    The point is you should/must write about the aspects,one can face in real life.I m a huge fan of yours,thats why wanted to share my feelings with you.

    please dont take me wrong.

    with best wishes from chhaya.

  12. Aditya

    January 19, 2009

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    Chetan Bhagat has got a new PR

    Please channel any PR related issues, including requesting books for reviews, promotional materials or contacting the author for interviews and events through Weber Shandwick PR, whose contacts are listed below. You are free to use all information and images from this website.

    The PR contacts are:
    Akansha Shivhare
    Mobile: +91 9867594588

  13. Simple

    February 6, 2009

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    Read the book “3 mistakes of my life” to get his mail id, its in prologue page starting. thanks.

  14. saandeep (ES)

    June 10, 2009

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    Hey Biggie , i am ES going through many of your posts today 🙂
    Yes its a bad experience , but we have got great people in our small talk 🙂 all because of your hard work and your efforts put in , and guys we never know about the message that it reached chetan or not , so we should not comment him.
    People say if someone is getting popular he develops enemies , so dont blame chetan without knowing the facts , the mistake is done by his PR.
    PS. I am not a chetan ‘s fan , i am fan of Dan Brown 🙂

  15. MadhaV

    September 12, 2009

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    Biggie i don’t want to digg this topic more. But i’m completly agree with Mayur and you. That Chetan is celebrity and only indian celebrity behaves too rudely after being celebrity.

    I appreciate your work biggie for managing Small Talk.

    Hats off to you Big K.

  16. SkyscraperMan

    October 6, 2009

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    The Burj Dubai is a modern marvel of engineering it stands at 818 metres tall. The Burj Dubai will have its grand opening on the 1st of December this year.

  17. DIMPLE

    December 4, 2009

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    i wanna talk to Mr. Chetan Bhagat. is it possible. its urgent?


    December 11, 2009

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    hey, chetan i want to say that..”2 states” a real fun passtime…and u have beautifully potrayed the mind of a engineer…krish seriously depicts a pakka 100% mechi….its very easy to identify oneself with him..after the same 4 years….
    i was chumma, looking for a time pass..when i walked into an a/c book shop..just for the free a/c…”2 states”..was stacked i caught hold of one, to show ppl i meant serious business…the first few pages were like orgasmically amazing…and i ended up finishing it within 1 had such a charm….it was a great reading..hindi filmish…but great…specially to people from north who are stuck up in “idli-dosa-sherry” land for 4 yrs… great writing ..carry on

  19. MISTU

    December 21, 2009

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    well writing to an author dat too by one who hs handful vocabulary…….i wont say d same thng that i m ur fan,bt i can nly say that u r dat type of story writter whose story we can feel nly whn we will read it ourselves…..d last part of 2states “departing part” made me in tears bcoz whnevr i read ur story i fl myself to b one of d characters in d story…..

    we d readers want more stories from u.coz u put up d facts of life .n evn ur story contain solutions in a perplexed situation….ur story moves in a way like whn a driver drives roughly though we knw we can do nothng siting at d back, stl we grab d car seats n handle wid ur feet n hand to try to mk it mv swiftly n overcum d obstacles,same way whn ur story makes d reader read in a terrible situation, we feel sumhw to make it mv in proper manner.n lastly whn it reach to its happins we feel relief as if we hav reachd to ur destination…..

    a person who can uderstnd d fact of life is an honourable person 2 me..

    thank you MR CHETAN BHAGAT

  20. upasana

    December 24, 2009

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    i too was thinking to contact him
    coz i write n i was wondering he could help me out

    but seeing ur case
    fuck off i dont want to get in such bullshits

    one day i’ll be standing in much greater than to him

    i wish god do wats right to you

  21. Sapna

    December 30, 2009

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    Big K: With this post you have virtually become Chetan Bhagat’s PR. People are actually communicating to Chetan through your blog 🙂

  22. srinivas

    December 30, 2009

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    hi chetan i am doing my final year in andhra pradesh. I have an extra ordinary real life story. With the inspiration from you i have already started writing a book. Can you write the book on the story from me as i am not a good writer and can’t be able to publish it with out any help. I will give you the story So can you pls write it for me?…plsssssss reply me definitely it will be the trend setting book….

  23. The Big K

    January 4, 2010

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    Those who are thinking posting a comment on this post is a way to get in touch with Chetan – what’s your IQ?

  24. suman punia

    October 16, 2011

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    sir my name is suman punai and i have a story…………. and i want to tell my story to u so you can help me to publish ………… plz provide your email address……….


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