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An engineer wrote…

By on Aug 30, 2008 | 2 comments

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SEnd me the job you are you doing now


ya.. thanks lot i am a mechanical engineer working in steel plant . hope i can share my knowledge with crazy people …( myself  also)
i would like interact with real heros , innovators  . so plese dont hesitate to comment on my suggentions ..people cAN OPENLY TELL ANY THING TO ME …I REALLY WELCOME THEM …THEY ARE MY GUIDE RAILS OF MY TRACK


can we make a project in which i combine an petrol and electric engine so that below 30 speed      we can use petrol engine and after 30 speed electric engine to save the fuel and to increase the averag


thank you i dont know how to search for a innovative projects ideas please tell something about that?

…Mayur told me I should not copy-paste messages from my mailbox. I know lot of my readers are engineers. So what do you think guys?

The Big K

PS: I’m unable to provide any advice to this guy. I even don’t know what to write to this guy in response. Please offer help.


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