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Yet another suicide

By on Sep 1, 2008 | 0 comments

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My friend in USA pinged me to say “Do you remember <nick name>?”. I remembered there was a guy in our college with that weird nick name. I said yes, I do. My friend continued, “Did you get the news?”. I said, “No. What news?”. My friend took a pause and said, “He committed suicede.”.

I was shocked. Suicide – ending one’s own life! Now this guy wasn’t a close friend of mine, but I knew him because he was always happy & cracking jokes. He could not clear his engineering exams and was allowed to keep term, several times. Even in my dreams, I’d not have imagined this guy would commit suicide.

These days, I’ve been hearing lot of suicide cases. Recently two IT professionals (who belonged to good families and were working with very good IT companies) committed suicide. One of the suicide was well planned. The guy left a suicide note in his pocket saying he was unable to handle work-pressure.

I’ve been thinking, why do people surrender to failuers? Failuers are ok. They are not good – but they trouble us only when we give them importance. But that’s what I think.

I don’t want to go into further discussion. One thing is sure – the average stress levels in humans is higher these days.

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