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New IITs? Hee Hee

By on Sep 6, 2008 | 4 comments

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You know what?

I’ve began believing that we’ll never grow beyond the Taj Mahal, IITs, IIMs, Rajasthan Camels, KS & IT services. If we talk about education – we essentially talk about IITs & IIMs. So, to make the overall level of education better in India, our govrnment has opened new IITs. If you do not know, 6 new IITs were started last year in Orissa, Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. So, the total number of IITs in India is 13! So, that’s our first great step towards making India a Super Power by 2020!



Personal opinion: So first of all, I’m not an IITan. I think IITs don’t do any value addition to the country. They screen smartest folks through JEE and then allows them to mix with other equally talented engineers. Then these engineers either get jobs abroad or in foreign corporations that have offices in India. The reamaining ones either do social work or start their own ventures.

I believe new IITs is a joke. Just our own way to lable more engineers as ‘IITans’. I wonder how’s that going to help. We should rather be spending more money on educating people in villages. Teaching them better techniques of agriculture, entrepreneurship and how to become self dependent. We should be spending money and time on making our education more ‘practicals’ based than ‘theory’ based.

How many of you have taught how to read/write to a person who couldn’t do that before?

The Big K


  1. Abid

    September 7, 2008

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    Can’t we look at it this way?? After all someone is getting educated with every new educational institution that opens up. I am just trying to give you a different point of view. See, if someone gets into an IIT a place in a lesser rated college is left vacant which could be filled in by someone else. 😉 It’s just that more the number of colleges that come up the better it is for the country on the whole.

  2. Ash

    September 8, 2008

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    Thats a good point biggie. Developing countries are so eager to reach elite status of developed countries that they forget about the poor folk.
    Doing things are grassroot level is probably more productive.

  3. kidakaka

    September 10, 2008

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    You know Biggie, a lot of successful startups are due to an IITian. What the IIT gives to a smart engineer is the opportunity and the platform to do things, which the other engineers may not get. Take for example, that IIT offers the resources of their labs for free for all IIT enterprenuers. Imagine … free R&D!! So increasing the no. of IITs is a big thing!

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