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The art of advertising

By on Sep 6, 2008 | 4 comments

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Lots of my friends asked me if I’ve seen the new ad starring Aamir Khan – the leading bollywood actor. I do not have access to TV. However, I did see the ad. I didn’t like it very much – except that it shows how good Aamir Khan as an actor is.

There’s one thing I’ve observed about ads that are very good. The audience remember the ad – but not the product its endorsing. For example, none of my friends could tell what was the Aamir Khan ad about. Similarly, there was an ad by PEPSI where a kid first buys the coca-cola cans and then steps on them to reach to the PEPSI button. Now I had to figure out if the kid was trying to reach which cold drink and which cans he was stepping up on.

Let me ask you a question. How many of you remember the ads you saw yesterday? Those who can recall the ads, can you tell me the products those ads were endorsing? Well, we may have some smart fellas who might be able to do that – but for the rest, we don’t remember. Even if we do, its not necessary that we go and buy ‘that’ product – because the ad was so good.

Then, do you really think spending millions of bucks on creating spectacular advertisements is worth?


  1. maverick

    September 7, 2008

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    Well,I had same similar feeling couple of years ago, whenever I used to watch crappy advertisement’s which really made no sense.I used to think that ‘is it really worth spending millions to promote a product ?’.But then I got my answer one fine day. My roomie was pursuing his MBA and they were suppose to do some project.So the project he opted was “Impact of Advertisement on masses”. The product he picked was ‘Cold drinks’, he prepared a questionnaire and carried out his survey usually by visiting places like multiplexes, hotels etc. One day I joined him (just out of curosity) and was completely astonished when I got answers like “Yes, I drink Pepsi becuase Sachin Tendulkar endorses it” or because “I love Akshay Kumar and since he drinks Thumps Up, so do I”.
    To be honest I was completely shocked but eventually admitted that advertisement makes a hughe impact on masseses as well as classes too. Classes, becuase till date I thought that this segment constitute those set of people who are educated,literate and knowledgable and don’t get carried away by advertisement. But recently a friend of mine who is a Software engineer by profession, purchased a Bike becuase a famous Indian cricketer had endorsed it and he feels that this ‘Indian crickerer’ had done a through testing/or analysis(performance wise, mileage wise, engine features wise)of the bike which he had endorsed.

  2. The Big K

    September 7, 2008

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    Interesting comment, maverick. Its surprising to know that educated people think that the brand endorsers have tested the product well before advertising it. Everyone knows that they do it for money.

    Strange world.

  3. kidakaka

    September 10, 2008

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    Its called the Slipper effect in marketing jargon :-), wherein the people remember the person or the ad and not the product/service. I generally find all Amitabh Bachhan ads like that!!

  4. Mayur

    September 10, 2008

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    Its important to get the message right. Do you remember who endorses Domino’s? May be not, but you remember that they deliver the pizza in 30 min.

    I had won a debate competition while doing my MBA on a similar topic “Should brands ambassadors be bigger than the brands?” I was successful in convincing the judges and the audience too that while you can spend millions to make an advertisement creatively attractive, you must not forget motto behind making an advertisement. That is to create brand recall and increase sale. I gave an example of the advertisement (very old one) with Bipasha saying “I will go with the one who has the smallest” 😛
    It actually referred to a Panasonic Mobile where as one of the contestants said it was Nokia.

    I like the Hutch (vodafone) ads crisp and to the point.

    @maverick: As far as commodities like cold drinks are concerned, its the matter of selling a style and passion. After all would Akshay Kumar risk injuries for 1 bottle of thumbsup?

    PS: Domino’s is endorsed by Paresh Rawal

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