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Floods in Bihar – why are we so helpless?

By on Sep 13, 2008 | 2 comments

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Right now, I’m feeling terribly bad about the current state of my country. The state of Bihar is full of water everywhere. People are helpless. The poor people don’t have enough food to eat, not enough clean water to drink, most of them have lost their shelter, they have no where to go and they are expecting the government to act, protect & save them from nature’s wrath.

Then I see the adjoining photograph:

Does it hurt you? If not, something’s terribly wrong with you.

When did we become a ‘free’ nation? In 1947. More than 60 years have gone by. We are still a damned-developing-nation! Shit! Why did our people not work on the basic facilities to everyone? Why do our people have to suffer? Why the HECK do we have to rely on foreign dollars for support?

I just don’t understand one thing. What is our government doing? No one’s caring?

I don’t know what to write. My brain is going blank.


Look at the slideshow here –



  1. kid

    September 13, 2008

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    I remember, at time of Katrina hurricane, even US received financial aid. And as far as I know, India normally turns down monetary support.

    But the real frustration is, that the floods in that part of the country are frequent. But still we have the same problem!! Is there no way out ??

  2. Mayur

    September 16, 2008

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    Floods in US are common too. They already have one and they are waiting Hanna, Ike and what not.

    On my way back to Mumbai last week, I interacted with few good men in the bogey. One of them was a BIhari. He told me that the course of River Kosi was redirected by creating a dam just outside Madhepura (where the floods are dominant). However they failed to anticipate the worst. The dam gave away and now water is all over Madhepura. There is just one message here. Never mess with Nature.

    Regarding government? well its doing what it can. But I agree that its not 100%

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