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Serial Blasts In Delhi (India) – Terror Strikes Again!

By on Sep 13, 2008 | 5 comments

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I’m speechless right now. Why is it so easy to kill innocent people in India? The terrorists just make the bombs and plant then anywhere they want and enjoy the blasts.

I don’t feel safe anymore. Whenever I go to the multiplex to watch a movie, I suspect everything that’s around me – even the people. You never know what will explode. There have been blasts – one after the other, year after year, but we don’t learn a lesson! We’re just too tolerant to everything!

The security in India is a joke – and I don’t feel proud while writing that. Its a BIG JOKE. The terrorists write emails to police and make fun of them. They shamelessly challenge the police to catch them, stop them if they can.

Okay, we had another set of blasts. What’s going to happen? The common Indian man will now forget the blasts and get back to work tomorrow, until the next blast happens and he gets killed himself.

Is there an end to this? What’s our security doing?


  1. Suyash Joshi

    September 15, 2008

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    Even I’m really pissed off at the current situation in India with the relative ease of how these damned terrorists are able to strike down innocent people for something that is really stupid…

    But the thing is, it’s a fact, that destructive things are a bit easy to pull off than constructive things. Its like building a stack of cards for hours and how much time does it take to pull it down? a gust of wind or a slash of a tiny finger??

    Hence, I would like to sympathize with the people involved in the homeland security of our country. Come on, they are making their best efforts, but it is not easy to cover every square feet of the country !!

    Add to that the non co operation of the common man to help these organizations like ATS, AIATF and intellegence which fight terrorism and other menace, saying its not our business?? I mean, how could one say that, considering that it might be your life which might be on the line next !!

    Instead of going gung ho about comparing our security with other countries, we need to make sure that these terrorists are squashed at the roots. I mean, the way some of the madrasas propogate the supposed “freedom movement”, Indian Schools should also educate against helping these people for money or other help etc.

    I heard somewhere that the building material for RDX was circulated by some poor indian youth for some really petty amount of money. We can at least cut down our part in the supply chain management somehow, making it easier to track the real culprits involved. Somehow, corruption, apathy and poverty in India are proving to be roadblocks in this path…

    I believe that one day will come, when the perpetrators of all these crimes are brought to justice and we can roam safely on our streets. Its just a matter of how to fulfill this dream, by making every small contribution, whether its even a simple phone call to the nearest police station about some illegal activity, instead of thinking, “Why should I care?”

  2. The Big K

    September 15, 2008

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    Suyash, am I sensing the flashes of the obvious? Not expected from you!

    The security in India, IS a joke. I respect our army & police. But they aren’t as functional as they should be. It could be either politics or whatever, I do not know. Let me give you an example –

    One of the software companies in Pune asked its security guards to check every visitor. So these guards stood at the main gates with those metal or whatever detectors in their hands and checking each and everyone who passes through the gate.


    Now, there’s no one at the back side of the buildings! Just anyone can enter from there and no one will ever notice. Being an alert citizen of India, I brought this to their notice – but they just smiled.

    I’d compare the security of our country with the security of others. I sincerely believe our security will be a lot better if the security personals just get some common sense.

    I agree with all the remedies that you suggested, but we don’t have any significant improvement so far.

    Finally, yes the day will come. But like you, even I’m waiting for that superman, who will turn the fate of this country. That’s reality.

  3. Mayur

    September 16, 2008

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    I went to visit Lalbaghcha raja few days back with a tiffin box carrier with me. (a small case that holds the tiffin). It had a small water bottle, an apple, two banana and some toffees. Even in heavy security and in the wake of Delhi blasts, nobody asked what I was carrying. If I was a fidayi (a human bomber) I could have easily carried a bomb and blown myself apart.

    What could possibly 1000 policemen and the metal detectors do? Nothing. Because there were so many people, it would have been very difficult. Security is not a joke in India. We are just unfortunate and way too considerate. You could do it in a rally in US or a samba festival in Brazil. But then they wont spare you.

  4. The Big K

    September 16, 2008

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    You prove my point. Security in India is a joke. Its just that we aren’t very happy to acknowledge the ugly fact.

    When its about security, you can’t say “they couldn’t have”. You see, only 10-15 security people handle thousands of air passengers at the airports. Because they know – security at airport is not a joke.

  5. Mayur

    September 16, 2008

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    It is… if you ask me 10 policemen aren’t enough for securing an airport. But the place is wired well. And people believe airports are secure. However you put the same security in a mall and they wouldn’t like to be screened every time.

    Security is same every where with a marginal difference. Just that people don’t dare to commit such crime in, say US or Israel because they know that the country will not spare them if they were caught.

    In india, it took 15 years to solve the Mumbai bomb blast case when the accused were caught long back. People dare because people know nothing is going to happen to them.

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