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For the love of Plain Text

By on Sep 24, 2008 | 1 comment

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Since past few days, I’m more tilted towards plain text than HTML. I’ve been writing most of the e-mails using plain text than HTML. I think plain text formatting is way better than HTML; when it comes to email.

I’ve also realized that lots of BIG PEOPLE do not have Microsoft Word installed on their machines. They insist on usage of RTF (Rich Text Format) if you must use all the fancy stuff in your documents. Otherwise, they just ask you to revert back with all .txt stuff.

The best thing about plain text is that it gets loaded on any slow Internet connection.

Long live plain text!

-The Big K-

1 Comment

  1. Ash

    September 27, 2008

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    Hit the Windows Key + R, type notepad, and off you go! Love that program 🙂

    There is wisdom behind using RTF. It’s one of the most universal text format that supports rich formatting. Some professors make it a requirement for students to post assignments in that form because they always receive a myriad of formats: .doc, .odf, .docx (ack!), etc. Like text, its quite fast to download and open. I use RTF quite often for quickly composing articles and essays.. but still need to use .doc for graphs, referencing, etc.

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