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Comment to post – II

By on Sep 29, 2008 | 1 comment

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As you have noticed, I’m taking a break from blogging. However, the blog continues to receive super comments from super readers! I’m promoting few comments to posts on this blog. Do not forget to comment on these comments! :)

Brilliant analysis of the thought presented in my post “The Sorry State of Indian Engineers” by Y W. The two words which is the crux of the whole matter – “casual approach”. Read the comment, and comment!


The report is only one side of coin. First and foremost, one can’t compare an Indian with an American or European for several reasons.

Probably, not Engineers alone, many Indians have a casual attitude towards anything in life. Why there is Red Alert after every bomb blast in Delhi? Why not catch them before? In a busy city, they hung bombs with tree branches while there was system in place to check that. Look at Indian sports-persons! Look at Cricket team. Casual approach and callous attitude by one and all – not only Engineers.

Why blame Engineers alone? In fact these are the guys who did well in their school and got a chance to study Engineering. Engineers also have casual approach because it is the attitude all around and so they also learn that, early in their life.

Look at those of our age group who can stop being casual and train their children to behave. An average Indian is right when he worries to get good paying job because he has to feed his old parents and others in family. A thought of building something great would ever come to a man with such responsibility? He cannot not expect support from his country or government in the hour of need – compare this with an adult of US / Europe or OPEC countries. Indian senior citizens have to manage with old age pension of just few hundred rupees.

It is unending and long story. All of us know this. We can blame anyone! Better, if one can suggest some ways of improving this situation.


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  1. sandhya

    October 10, 2008

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    You have written great words to motivate engineers of the nation. I think you have enlightened some minds to approach in right directions to prove themselves to be good citizens or engineers.

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