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Have we created year 1600 like situation in India?

By on Oct 19, 2008 | 2 comments

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I have never been good at history. But as far as I remember, it was the year 1600 that changed the fate of my country. It was the year when the East India Company planted it roots in India and changed the history.

In those times, one company was sufficient to let the British people take control of India. The times have changed and I guess, we have thousands of East India companies today, all doing almost the same job.

This strange realization happened to me when I saw the ‘Coca Cola’ being sold in the remotest part of India. Then I had a look at my own attire: Levi’s Jeans, Nike Shoes, Adidas Tee. Then I realized I was in a Toyota. Then I realized most of my friends were working either for a foreign based company or an Indian company surviving on projects from another foreign based company. We eat, sleep, drink, use, read, listen & believe the stuff people from other countries offer to us. In short, these companies have taken control of our lives already!

In return, do we have anything except Tata, IIT, Yoga to take over the western world? I don’t think we do.

I have began believing that unknowingly, we have sold ourselves to the outer world and worse; we are happy (or clueless) about it! We are totally at the mercy of the people in the west. Say tomorrow they decide to outsource their work to South Africa than to India, thousands of Indians lose their jobs overnight. They are free to replace the “Maruti” logo and place their “Suzuki” logo and we don’t mind at all! Because, we are sold!

Now that we have let these outer companies turn the screws, they might buy our politicians – who are waiting to get sold. After buying our politicians, these companies decide who becomes the prime minister of India, who gets the important & powerful positions in the government. Slowly, they will pull the strings and we might even see mr Tom from USA becoming the president of India.

…and I bet we will be happy about it! Because we think whatever the outer world does, we must follow.

We have already let our hard earned freedom go away and we haven’t realized that. I do not think we have made our freedom fighters proud of us – if they are watching us from the heaven. Who is responsible for the situation? You and I are! I have realized that we are already in deep shit. Have you?

The only solution we have is to take the control in our hands. Quit your dumbass job with high-label foreign company and start your own. Inspire others to do the same. We don’t want to fight with the world.

We just want to have our pride back.

The Big K


  1. kid

    October 19, 2008

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    I don’t know, I may be wrong.

    But, USA is the biggest consumer in the world. That is why, I believe their economy is directly related with the world’s economy. Agree, we should be producing more of things whose profit should be coming home.
    But at the same time, there should be no harm in consuming goods from the global market.

    We should strive to produce good quality products!! Yes, Quality!!

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