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How to win personality contest

By on Oct 19, 2008 | 8 comments

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Before we begin, let me inform you : I’m not an expert on personality development. There are 100s of people in the world who can lecture you on the subject of personality development. Yet, never in my life, I have come across a person who got his/her personality changed after attending a course. However, in past, couple of guys at VNIT had thought I could judge their personality contest, twice. I even got feedback from the organizers that the audience liked me. So, with that background, let me give you few common-sense based tips on winning personality contest(s).

* Start at least a month or two in advance

So that you don’t have to be someone else to win the competition. To tell you the truth, be a good personality in your life – and you will win! Following are the tips for you to get started. Even before you begin, I want you to make a list of all the good qualities yourself. Don’t be content with yourself. The moment you are content, your growth stops. Try to acquire a new skill or two. To begin with, learn to type faster, target 60 words per minute in a span of 10 days. Learn to challenge yourself.

* The attire matters

Your attire makes the first impression on people’s minds. No matter how awesome you are, you MUST (in caps!) pay attention to what you wear. You don’t have to go for big brands, latest and the best clothing available in the market. Just ask someone for an honest opinion on what looks good on you and what makes you look good and presentable.

* Learn to be cool

Now, being cool means, keeping your head cool. Don’t be extra-YO-cool! Judges (, the audience and everyone else) will hate you if you try to be what you are not. Learning to keep your head cool can benefit you tremendously in life. How do you learn to be cool? Just try not to have 20 different thoughts at the same time in your head. Focus on one activity at any time. For example, if you are driving a vehicle, don’t think about your friends, your teddy bear, your revenge plan, George Bush etc. Focus on driving when you are driving. I hope got the point.

* Don’t be yet another dude, dudette

Its high time that you realise your true potential. This realization can upset you. If it does not; think harder. Try to realise yourself in judges’ seat: What would you like to see in you? Learn to do something that is worth doing. Come out of your cosy shell, there are lots of things that need you. Get them done.

* Learn to entertain

Everyone loves to be entertained. Have something interesting to say. If you can’t think of anything else, try to copy a person who you think is an entertainer. Then add your own zing to it and you become an entertainer. Remember Einstein said, “Creativity is all about hiding your sources”.

* Be a little over confident

I am a strong supporter of “bit of over confidence”. It helps, trust me. You draw your own limit to your over-confidence. Don’t be arrogant. I’d say, be over confident inside, but don’t let people know it. I don’t have any better words to explain this point.

* Connect with the audience

Unless you learn to connect with the audience, you can’t win any personality contest. Period. If you master the art of connecting with people, no one can stop you from winning. Its as simple as that. You have to get them to support you. Do it off-stage and on-stage.

What I wrote above are the pointers to get you started. I hope you will benefit from these points. Do let me know if you find these points useful.

All the best!

The Big K


  1. Mayur

    October 23, 2008

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    Hmmm… good information K. Next time you judge a personality contest, I will take print outs and distribute these ahead of the competitions 🙂

  2. Manmath Deshpande

    December 7, 2008

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    Wow! Nice to know that you still remember me! That contest was the time of my life!

  3. Nitya

    September 18, 2011

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    thnku so mch for these tips!im selected for a personality contest in my school and the above points were very usefu!!:) 🙂

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