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The art of layoffs

By on Oct 22, 2008 | 0 comments

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I stumbled upon a post on Techcrunch about Yahoo CEO, Jerry Yang’s email to employees that 10% of them will be laid off. Here’s a snip from actual mail :-

From: Jerry Yang []
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 2:20 PM
Subject: update


Sad Jerry Yang
Sad Jerry Yang

i feel it’s important for me to reach out to you after our earnings announcement, and before our all hands meeting tomorrow.


…however, because compensation expenses are the single largest part of our costs, we anticipate a reduction of at least 10% of our global workforce by year-end.

…more crap…

as always, i thank you for all you do as yahoos.



Now 100% of the Yahoos wait hopelessly will have to wait for next several weeks to know if they will still be the yahoos.

My laser vision notices that Jerry Yang’s keyboard does not have a ‘Shift’ or ‘Caps lock’ key or both. Probably, they have taken the keys off from all keyboards to save the costs :mrgreen: .

Jokes apart, I want to comment on the lay offs happening all over the world. Simply because I think layoffs are stupid and its all about inefficient top management. To start with, any company should not hire more people than required. The top management should focus more on getting the existing workforce to work to its fullest, creating an environment where employees would want to work more and be happy. But since most of the companies are driven by profits, they simply ignore the fact. The whole business becomes : we pay you for what you do. period. When the company fails to create a feeling of responsibility and ownership among its employees, the mess begins to happen. But hell, no one pays attention to common sense!

…and then the CEO sends an email to employees that most of them will have to leave so that the organization becomes more fit to survive and protects its other employees’ & shareholders’ interest. How stupid! Laying off the engineers or the people at the bottom of the pyramid is STUPID! If the steme engine isn’t moving faster, would you reduce the among of coal you put in the furnace? Well, do you feel the remaining employees will care about the well being of the company? Will they be proud of working for the company?

I think new ways of running a company need to be discovered.

The Big K

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