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Wanna be an entrepreneur? Wait! Read this!

By on Oct 24, 2008 | 0 comments

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The aim of this post is not to discourage budding entrepreneurs. Rather, this post intends to make you aware of ‘challenges‘ (read problems) you might have to face before you even feel like an ‘entrepreneur‘. This post will also help you understand if you have it what takes to be an entrepreneur in you.

1. People will laugh: Till now, you have read about it in books. But when you experience it in real life, its quite different. People, including your close friends, colleagues, managers, friends of friends will either laugh, tell you how you will fail or how everyone else is doing just exactly what you are planning to do.  They will continue to laugh at you or ignore you until they see that you are making money or turning some big screws. Let me tell you, sometimes it is difficult to keep your spirits high. Sometimes you might feel as if you are the only dude who trusts your own idea.

Do you think you can survive that?

2. Patience kicks a$$: …and it hurts when it does. You have to have L-O-T of patience to get the things done. Most of the times, things won’t come to you easily and you might feel hopeless. There will be times when all you would be able to do is wait. People who promise you the stuff will forget you as if you never existed.

Do you think you can survive that?

3. Forget money: Hardest of all, huh? Don’t expect money for a large period of time. Making money is not as easy as getting salary. You get paid even if you don’t do a damn thing in office, as an employee. But that is, unfortunately, does not apply to an entrepreneur. You have to work hard for no money. In such a situation the only thing that will drive you forward is ‘passion’. Are you passionate about your idea? Do you have immense faith in your idea? Can you work for your idea and survive on your savings? You will have to keep hanging on untill you strike your goldmine.

Do you think you can survive that?

4. Slap in the face – Rejection: Rejection is like slap in the face. It makes you go numb for a while. The worst part is, your ego gets hurt. Oh yes, did I tell you that rejection in real world is much worse than what you probably have seen till now. You are going to hate these rejections more than all the other rejections you have had so far. Remember, even a polite & mature rejections is still, a rejection.

Do you think you can survive that?

5. Self Doubt: The worst of them all, probably! With things going wrong and you being helpless about them you are bound to doubt your own beliefs. “Is it all worth doing?”, you will ask to yourself. Sometimes you will have to make few sacrifices. You will question yourself, “Why?”. Sometimes you will think that your ‘focus’ is too overrated. You will even feel like giving up and get some ‘life’ as people told you.

Do you think you can survive that?

6. Continuous Learning: And I mean some serious learning. The world is the school for any entrepreneur. Forget your typical ideas about ‘learning’. Entrepreneurs learn their biggest lessons through biggest failures. So, the formula is more the failures, the more is your learning. Remember, there’s no syllabus for you to decide which part to skip and which part to focus on. You just can’t afford to skip anything. You have to be hungry. Because if you are not, you get a slap on your face.

Do you think you can survive that?

7. Bye bye, security: Have you ever felt insecure? Yes? That’s nothing! When there is no steady paycheck you get a feeling of the real thing. If you did your planning right, you will survive, no doubt about it. Again, reading stories and experiencing it for yourself are two completely different things. You will think twice before booking that quick plane ticket or that Rs. 180/- multiplex ticket. Your friends will go on -site and also take their parents for a foreign trip. Spending when you aren’t money is a ‘different’ experience.

Do you think you can survive that?

8. Society: Remember, the socity around you is not mature enough to understand & appreciate what you are trying to do. No one believes or trusts you unless you prove yourself. You will of course meet people who will appreciate you and say good things about your ideas & progress but only as long as they are not directly involved. For example, if you are a guy looking to get married, you will find it extremely difficult to get a girl who’d want to marry a dabbling entrepreneur. Its just plain cold truth.

Now, these are all very generic things you might expect on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. At the end, you might fail and feel lost. Or, you might make it big and be the talk of the town. But one thing is for sure – entrepreneurship is an out of the world experience. As Forrest Gump says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.”.

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