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Before you buy a laptop

By on Oct 27, 2008 | 1 comment

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My friend Mayur wrote about laptop being a status symbol. My observations are somewhat similar. Lot of 20-somethings have very good salaries and they are completely clueless about what to do with the money. So they want to buy laptop. I call them Bozos. So, read this post and determine if you are a bozo. In the end, if I save you money, thank me. That’s all I expect.

Typically, people think that once they buy a laptop, they will ‘primarily’ use it for learning purposes [that is essentially limited to installing .Net and/or Java]. Some have their intentions right – getting a handy multi-media thing that can store, play, download music & videos. There’s a category of people who want laptops to play games. We won’t talk about the gamers category, because they usually know what configuration to go for and they don’t care about money.

So, let’s focus on the initial two categories: The people who want to buy laptop for learning purpose (and later become the active members of category two:), and the people who want to download, store and play music & videos. When these people start their ferret for the perfect laptop, the only thing they have on their mind is this -> CORE 2 DUO!

I don’t get this obsession with Core 2 Duo thing! I have figured out that people have heard from their friends that their friend’s friend bought core 2 duo laptop. So they fix their mind on Core 2 Duo. Everything else is then built around the processor. Now let me tell you something: Playing music and watching videos does not take even half of core 2 duo’s processing power. If watching videos, playing music and surfing the internet is all you do – don’t waste your money in processor.

My advice is this: First of all, decide the purpose for which you want a laptop. Don’t waste 30k+ INR in buying a laptop, instead watch movies in multiplexes. When I bought my XPS m1210, I exactly knew why I wanted a laptop, what configuration I need to do what I intened to do etc. and XPS was perfect fit. Don’t waste your (not-so) hard earned money. Instead, let it be in the bank.

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  1. turn2me

    October 29, 2008

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    I love that concluding line in your blog which says “Don’t waste your (not-so) hard earned money. Instead, let it be in the bank.”

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